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To pass through a mountain, we have to go through a tunnel.

Recently, I was driving to and from Nashville, Tennessee and I had the joy of driving through the Cherokee National Forest.

It was gorgeous and there were tunnels - lots of them!

As I approached each tunnel, I got nervous for some reason. 

I had to come to terms with the fact that I don't like tunnels. I know they present an efficient route through a mountain but, for me, they are dark and scary.

I realized that when we're in a tunnel, we don't exactly know how long we'll be there - in the dark. We don't know if the road will be straight or f...

You are never alone.

There are times when we feel separated from what we perceive to be “the majority.” We might be going through something or experiencing something that makes us feel different.

When this happens, remember that you are never alone. There is a pack for you.

There are others who are experiencing warrior spirit and encountering some unexpected life events – i.e., events that catapult us forward into growth.

Whatever you are experiencing that makes you feel alone is a moment-in-time poised to launch you to a new place – a better place – a wiser place.

One of Carolyn Myss’ books (Sacred Contracts) posed a questio...

Enjoy your summer vacation a little more. Bring these life preservers with you.

Life Preserver #1: Learn to say "I'm sorry." 

Learning to say these two words with sincerity can save a relationship. It's one of the hardest things to say and can also be the easiest. When a conversation takes a bad turn, insert this Dale Carnegie phrase (and mean it): "I may be wrong. I often am."

Life Preserver #2: Don't take the bait or dangle it. 

Bait is attached to a hook and hooks can be dangerous. If you've had a bad day, it's never a good day for an important conversation. Run it off. Breathe it out. Shake it off - literally. Delaying a...

It's been an awe-inspiring month. 

In my work I strive to understand the hearts and minds of my clients and their constituents. I have been humbled to support children with disabilities, struggling communities, the homeless, arts organizations, educators, animals and so many more. 

This summer I am supporting the USO of North Carolina as well as the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission. I have worked with the USO of NC for more than 10 years and know that - right now - this array of clients is here to teach me something new. 

I am saying "yes" to every experience they offer. My work is bringing me to interview militar...

We spend a lot of time suppressing and controlling emotion but there are a lot of very good reasons to invite it into our lives.

Reason #1: It provides a physical release for pressures stored up inside. Imagine a balloon that never releases any pressure or a boiling pot on the stove that can't let off steam.

Reason #2: It removes blockages. Unexpressed emotion stores itself as distressing mental or physical energy. It can make our brains feel scrambled and our bodies feel tense. Why not just let it go?

Reason #3: It bridges forward motion. With emotions blocked up inside, it makes it more difficult to move forward. Once we...

Today I started my day by pouring tomato juice into my coffee - perhaps it's a good day to stop, breathe, laugh and reset. Let's have some fun with this one....

Communication is like a tube of toothpaste.

Stay with me here.

Imagine you are holding a tube of toothpaste. Take the top off. Hold it in both hands and SQUEEZE it as hard as you can.  Well, that made quite a mess. Let’s just put the toothpaste back in the tube. Not so easy.

If you’ve ever taken a tube of toothpaste on an airplane ride, you’ve seen the results of built up pressure. Pressure builds and the “contents” inside need to be released. If you are...

Things do change, if we let them.

~L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables~

Many years ago, I was sitting in front of the television watching Anne of Green Gables - a favorite from my childhood. 

As I recall it now, I remember Anne getting ready to start a new adventure that would bring her away from everything and everyone she knew. Her loved ones, naturally wanted her to stay. Liking the consistency and predictability of the daily life they had lived together her sister offered, "Things don't have to change." 

Anne, excited for the new adventures ahead, gently looked at her sister and without he...

Happiness is like a butterfly - the more you chase it, the more it eludes - but if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and sits softly on your shoulder. ~Kathy~

A few years ago, I noticed that caterpillars were attracted to the parsley in my garden. Having young children at the time, I decided it would be exciting to see what would happen if we put one of the hungry caterpillars in a jar. We went into the back yard and carefully selected small branches, grass, and pine straw to put in our large “sun tea” container, and proceeded to feed our caterpillar enough parsley to keep him content. We placed a wax pape...

Last year, I visited a new strategic planning client and as I entered the building I immediately thought to myself, “Somebody loves this place.”

I couldn’t say why, but it felt good to be there. After I left, I did a little field research and asked myself to reconstruct the experience.  Retracing the clues, I asked myself why it felt good. 

  • I heard laughter.

  • I saw smiling people.

  • I was greeted warmly (with a smile and friendly eye contact).

  • The floors were shiny and polished.

  • There were well-tended, healthy plants all around.

  • Positive words and quotations were painted brightly on the...

We do a great job taking care of others. Valentine's week is a great time to remember that we need to love and take care of ourselves.

This list gives a few ideas for your consideration. What do you do to show yourself that you care? Add it to the list - better yet, send me a note. We'll create a new list to share!

1. Breathe with the intention of releasing some tension. If you are at your computer or on your phone right now, releasing the tension from your shoulders and take 3 deep breaths.

2. Say nice things to yourself. Are there some "sweet nothings" you have been longing to hear? Commit to saying positive things to you...

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