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And the award for “Best Screen Writing” goes to….

You are the head writer for your life script. What does your script look like for today? Have you given yourself every chance for success? What lines are you choosing to say out loud?

Sometimes, we may find ourselves rehearsing a “bad script” that needs to be re-written. Can you think of any scripts or scenes that are being repeated in your life? If so, take heart. This crash course in “screenwriting” may help.

Step 1: Identify Recurring Scripts

Identify the scripts that are playing in your mind. We often repeat scripts without being aware of them. Begin listening to your inn...

Change can feel like a “Monster Boat” ride.  

A little while back, my family and I took a ride on a Monster Boat on the east coast of North Carolina. It’s one of those super fast boats that skips and skims across the ocean – our boat had a huge, scary shark painted on the side which should have been a clue for me but we saw a lot of wet, laughing people exiting the boat. So on a whim we bought our tickets.

We stepped onto the Monster Boat and strategically chose our seats hoping to stay dry. As the boat left the dock and picked up speed, it became inescapably clear that this was not going to feel like a...

Losing your job hurts. It can fill you with self doubt, disillusionment, sadness and anger. It can also give you determination, resilience and - gifts.

You might say I have an insider's view of transition. I have been involved in outplacement counseling at a major corporation; I have been at the table when reorganization decisions have been made; I have coached/trained thousands in transition processes; and I have experienced job loss myself.


Now – listen to what I am going to tell you and please believe it when you hear it:

Everything happens for a reason. There are great things ahead. Your working for XYZ was not a...

On a recent holiday in Hawaii, I found myself driving on an unpaved road.

Although the map clearly indicated that I might encounter some difficulties, I did not anticipate the hairpin turns, one-lane roads, steep inclines and exposed cliffs. The map did not indicate that I would need gingerale, motion sickness medicine, tennis shoes (so that I could help the driver with my imaginary braking from the passenger seat), and strong fingernails (for gripping the inside of the car door).

I really wanted to take a picture of it to share with you, but quite honestly, I was too scared and I really felt like the driver needed my...

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