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A few years ago, I started setting a theme for each year. I'm not exactly sure how I backed into this practice, but it has become a signficant - and fun - exercise to integrate into my personal visioning and planning.

As you prepare for a new year and, inevitably, think about what the year holds for you, I'd like to suggest that you adopt a theme that reflects what you want your year to represent.

Let me explain....

A theme is a recurring idea you'd like to invite. It might be thought of as a central idea, subject or issue. As you imagine a theme for yourself, allow it to become a reference or decision point for the year....

To pass through a mountain, we have to go through a tunnel.

Recently, I was driving to and from Nashville, Tennessee and I had the joy of driving through the Cherokee National Forest.

It was gorgeous and there were tunnels - lots of them!

As I approached each tunnel, I got nervous for some reason. 

I had to come to terms with the fact that I don't like tunnels. I know they present an efficient route through a mountain but, for me, they are dark and scary - unlike the picture I've included above (it's how I like to envision tunnels now).

I realized that when we're in a tunnel, we don't exactly know how...

You are never alone.

There are times when we feel separated from what we perceive to be “the majority.” We might be going through something or experiencing something that makes us feel different.

When this happens, remember that you are never alone. There is a pack for you.

There are others who are experiencing warrior spirit and encountering some unexpected life events – i.e., events that catapult us forward into growth.

Whatever you are experiencing that makes you feel alone is a moment-in-time poised to launch you to a new place – a better place – a wiser place.

One of Carolyn Myss’ books (Sacred Contracts) posed a questio...

I'll never forget this quote - I got goosebumps when I heard it and I remembered it today as I was talking to a client. We often want change in our lives but stand in the way of it without realizing it. Our stories are filled with, "I'd like this to happen, but...." So, I tell myself (and others) today to take the "but" out of it. To allow things to change, we must tell a new story. If you hear a "but", rewind and try again. If we truly want change, we must take steps we haven't taken before. It can be as simple as making a phone call or researching a new idea. If we truly want something to change, we must open...

Spring is here. Winter is the perfect time to cocoon, reflect and prepare for the future. I raise butterflies and have watched as they slowly transform themselves from one state to another - there's that precious rest time in between caterpillar and butterfly. And when they push out of the cocoon, it happens slowly - once out, they give their wings time to expand and grow stronger. So spring has arrived - it's a good time to reset, reconsider, repair, recalibrate and reimagine the future. Where are you going next? Find that next step. I'll bet it's going to be wonderful. ~Kathy~

Have you ever been driving somewhere and had the urge to look back at something?

The best vantage point is always looking ahead but as I was driving through the Cherokee National Forest this past weekend, I had the urge to look back. 

The colors were unbelievably beautiful.  Conditions were perfect. Visibility was clear. The sky was blue. Fall colors were beginning to turn - bright yellows and oranges and reds popped out to grab my attention.

Against my better judgment, I tried to take a few photos while I was driving.  I’ll admit it was a bad idea and, luckily, my car reminded me to look forward with no harm done.

My photos...

What is the “miracle” you’d like to invite into your life? When I think of my miracle - it is not a miracle at all but something that I can invite and manifest. In order to allow miracles to happen, we have to be aligned (i.e., poised to receive) and ready for the future state - this might mean we need to let go of old ways of thinking, speaking, doing and interacting. Focus on the future and invite your miracle. You are worthy of a miracle. ~Kathy~

I can remember weekly conversations with my mom where I dumped my stuff. She listened patiently while I excitedly talked or cried or wondered aloud. And then she would say the most comforting words of love spoken from a lifetime of experience: “This too shall pass.” That’s all she said - and the words gave me confidence in my ability to get through whatever it was - to figure out whatever it was. The words made me feel strong. She was a woman warrior and spoke easy wisdom and truth. Thanks, Mom, for a lifetime of memories. From my mom to your heart - whatever it is - “You’ve got this.” ~Kathy~

Yesterday as my husband and I were driving back from a day-trip to the beach, there was a terrible rainstorm accompanying us on the interstate.

It was the kind of storm that made me drive slower, open my eyes wider, sit forward, grip tighter and put my hazards on. It was raining so hard that I couldn’t see the cars in front of me. I told myself, “Just put your hands on the wheel and drive.”

Sitting in the passenger seat was my navigator who helpfully informed me that it was raining very hard. (By the way, he too was sitting forward in his seat. Nobody rests well in that kind of storm.)

Trying to be helpful, he found the wea...

Spring reminds me of the beautiful work that happens behind the scenes - often down deep inside of us. When we think of our own growth (or others’), it may seem like things are not moving fast enough - but there is a quiet background where powerful things are happening - and we often don’t even know it. We are always preparing the way for the future. You are a beautiful work in progress. I am comforted to receive this wisdom on behalf of my clients and myself. We are always growing - always in process - always learning - always progressing (even when it feels like things are at a standstill). Wherever you are is exactly...

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