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Hope is the foundation of planning. Conversations build hope.  (Ask - Where are we now? Where would we like to be?) Dreaming begins with vision. Engage in conversations of possibility - focus on shared objectives, listen with your heart, speak with respect. Then figure out how to get from here to there - together. Wishing you hopeful conversations. Everything starts from there. ~Kathy~

Passion is a game changer. It has transformative power. It can fuel an organization and bring new ideas into focus. It can also bubble up like a carbonated drink that has been shaken up inside of a bottle and then opened. Left unharnessed, passion can throw a meeting agenda out the window. But channelled passion can change the world. Passion is the “wild card” that can take your organization to the next level. Don’t be caught off guard by it. Anticipate it. Embrace it. Utilize it. Read the blog Nonprofit Passion: Harnessing the "Wild Card" - find your momentum together. ~Kathy~

Spring is the perfect time for getting your “house” in order. The strategic plan could not be a better place to start in your efforts to spruce things up and bring new energy into your environment.

Strategic Planning Overview

The purpose of planning is forward motion.

Strategic planning is a process, not an event. At its best, a strategic plan is a living document that is consulted on a regular basis to guide decision-making. It is a collective compass by which the organization and its members move forward.

The most typical pieces include the vision, mission, rationale/discussion, strategic priorities (3-year targets), goals...

This is the perfect time of year to revitalize your team's core strength.

In the field of fitness, core strength refers to those central muscles that power our bodies to function at optimum performance.

In the organizational setting, we build collective power by building consensus and refocusing awareness on core concepts. With our core in place, we can improve systems, solve problems and build a foundation from which optimal performance can be achieved.

More specifically, "core strength for business" encourages us to re-center our attention on the following:

  • Annual Check-Up (general health)

  • Mission/Vision (what we...

As a catalyst, you have the power to create momentum for positive change.

Whether you are a new or returning president, board member, committee chair, church leader, PTA leader or community leader, there is great potential before you. You come to this opportunity with unique skills, thoughts and perspectives.

As a nonprofit leader you have the added advantage of the “passion factor” (i.e., a sincere passion for the cause that brings you to volunteer). Let’s tap it!

Read this article – take what applies. Write down your thoughts. Utilize this to further your own thinking and enjoy the process!

Here are 10 essential visioning...

It's time for March Madness - the NCAA Tournament is in full swing.

Regardless of the team you are rooting for, there are some winning (and simple) strategies applied by coaches that nonprofit leaders can use to win.

Here are 5 universal strategies for winning as a nonprofit Board member and/or community leader.

  • Recruit the best players. Know what you need. Ask for what you need. The "fill the seat" strategy won't win games. Chances are you will need players with specific skills, specific attitudes/work ethics, and a shared hunger/passion for organization's purpose.

  • Create buy-in for winning strategies. Outline y...

Although I've taken a number of teams on team-building excursions, your team doesn't need to travel further than your conference room to benefit from this group activity. Read on and happy rock climbing. ~Kathy~

I almost missed them as we drove on the winding road on the side of the massive white rock that draws mountain climbers to western North Carolina. There they were - little specs on a breathtakingly large slab of white rock. They were stretched far and away from one another but, as I looked more closely, I could see that they were also attached to one another by a safety rope.

They were rock climbers. I th...


What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of “goal-setting?”


For many of us, the topic is one that tends to weigh us down and it is often met with a groan. For some reason, goal-setting is often something we drag our feet toward. In fact, goal-setting research has shown that while many people consider themselvesgoal-setters, only 3% of the population actually set clearly defined goals.


Whatever your experience of goal-setting has been in the past, it’s time to reinvigorate your practice. Reading this article may change your life – if you let it.


Goal-setting is a critical part of every program that I...

What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say, “strategic planning.” 

If you respond like most people, you probably have some positive and some not-so-positive associations with strategic planning.

Corporations and nonprofits spend millions engaging consultants each year on the creation of strategic plans. But what happens after the meeting? One of my greatest frustrations as a strategic planning consultant are plans that sit on a shelf after a meeting. It’s also a common frustration I hear about from others: “nothing happens after the meeting.” 

If your organization has not utilized the results of your strategic...

As a young mother, I was anxious to introduce my kids to the beloved nursery rhymes from my childhood. I still had the treasured Mother Goose book that I read as a child and one day I sat down to read to my kids through new eyes. Yikes!

As an optimist and one who likes to bring work and play together, I've got to say there are some rough lessons in those nursery rhymes, but as I searched, I found myself fixated on one that left the outcome to us. Thank you Mother Goose, for "Jack Be Nimble."

Not only does "Jack Be Nimble" offer a happy ending, it also teaches us about successful planning, mobility, endurance and…...

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