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Daily Wisdom

Negative thoughts de-energize us and hold us in “stuck.” Identify negative phrases. Replace them with more hopeful sentiments. Consistently choose positive energizing words - reach for incremental improvement. Write your positive statements down. Read them. Say them out loud. Repeat. There’s science to support it. A feeling of "stuck" can be changed to “sticky” - and within that small change there is room for a new beginning. ~Kathy~

I was leading a recent nonprofit board retreat when one of the board members prompted me to chuckle with this Marine Corps saying: "We have done so much for so long with so little, we could probably do everything with nothing forever." It was offered within the context of a discussion about envisioning, inviting and planning for financial abundance at this particular nonprofit. So many of us function with this frame of reference - in our nonprofits and even in some areas of our lives. There is so much more for us if we can envision what we want, believe it is possible and plan for its inevitability. Wishing you forward motion - from vision to reality....~Kathy~

I wonder....What would the world of work be like if we all communicated like it was the first week of work? Imagine new employees - imagine coworkers. We might listen more - talk less - smile more - try harder. I think the world of work could be a kinder place. I wish we were more careful with one another - like when relationships are new and fresh. It's possible to get back there. Let me know if I can help. ~Kathy~

I'll never forget this quote - I got goosebumps when I heard it and I remembered it today as I was talking to a client. We often want change in our lives but stand in the way of it without realizing it. Our stories are filled with, "I'd like this to happen, but...." So, I tell myself (and others) today to take the "but" out of it. To allow things to change, we must tell a new story. If you hear a "but", rewind and try again. If we truly want change, we must take steps we haven't taken before. It can be as simple as making a phone call or researching a new idea. If we truly want something to change, we must open the door and allow new thoughts to enter. Change happens when we do. Step in a new direction - one step at a time - one day at a time. Where would you like to invite a positive change? Pick one area. Take a step in that new direction this week - and one next week - before long you will be three steps ahead. You've got this - let's keep stepping together. ~Kathy~

Although it is spring, today it is rainy and cold outside. It heightens my appreciation for sunshine, warmth and the beauty of nature after a cleansing rain. Things always seem brighter after it rains. Colors are brighter. Nature is fresh and clean. Although it's hazy, things seem more clear. Sunshine is ahead. New beginnings are just around the corner. ~Kathy~

Spring is here. Winter is the perfect time to cocoon, reflect and prepare for the future. I raise butterflies and have watched as they slowly transform themselves from one state to another - there's that precious rest time in between caterpillar and butterfly. And when they push out of the cocoon, it happens slowly - once out, they give their wings time to expand and grow stronger. So spring has arrived - it's a good time to reset, reconsider, repair, recalibrate and reimagine the future. Where are you going next? Find that next step. I'll bet it's going to be wonderful. ~Kathy~

I often hear leaders say, "That will never work." This type of certainty is based on data collected in the past. The sentiment can make us feel stuck. Sometimes energy is devoted to what cannot be - instead of what can be. Conclusions based on old data may not be true. What if we imagined a new possibility for our lives? What if we imagined that something just might be possible - if we tried. It is true that we may try and that it will not work, but it is also possible that with the right kind of proactive effort and positive thought, we can promote new beginnings. If you are encountering resistance at your workplace, in your home or within yourself, have hope - possibility thinking plants the seeds of the future. Envision, plan, take action, evaluate, refine, and try again. That is always the process. New beginnings are possible. ~Kathy~

(Contact me if I can assist through 1:1 coaching or facilitated "Conversations of Possibility.")

Do you ever hear this message? I do. For me it's an invitation to stop moving (i.e., proactive, intentional inaction) and start listening. ASK-LISTEN-ACT has been my commitment for at least a decade. GET OUT OF THE WAY is my Higher Wisdom whispering for me to remember. Wishing you a dynamic 2019 that is filled with positive whispers. ~Kathy~

The discovery (or re-discovery) of your gifts is a lifelong process, and your understanding and interpretation of your gifts is likely to grow and change over time. Your gifts and purpose are captured in the moments of each day - a word of kindness, a moment of laughter, a creative output, a word of reassurance....You are worthy of being gifted. If you believe they exist and begin looking, your gifts will find you. Follow your heart - follow your gifts - purpose is found there. Explore with me at the "Gift Discovery Retreat" in April - details to follow....~Kathy~

I once overheard a four-year-old say, "That lady is always smiling. It makes me happy when I see her." Children can be so direct, clear and wise. They offer some of the best of matter-of-fact feedback. When we grow up, we forget to say the simple and positive things that we think. What is it that you see in others? Tell them about their special gifts. "You have a real talent for...." "You always approach tasks with a...." "Your smile made me happy today." What is it you see in others? Let them know that there is something special in them. ~Kathy~ Read Building Hope and Optimism for the entire text of "The Optimist Creed."

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Activity: Let Your Wisdom Guide You

Let your inner wisdom be your guide. Here's an activity you can use to reground and refresh yourself.
  1. Ground Yourself.
    • Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths, empty your mind and ask yourself, "What is it that I need to know this week?"
  2. Find Your "Wisdom" Page. 
    • Select a random number between 1-12 to determine which page to visit. (There are 12 "Daily Wisdom" pages - with 10 posters on each page). When you have your number, go to that page.
  3. Find Your Poster.
    • Once you're on your wisdom page for the day/week, select a random number between 1-10. There are 10 posters on each page - let your number guide you to your special poster/message. 
  4. Record + Journal.
    • Write down your message for the week - you might write it on an index card and/or put it in your pocket or wallet. If you like to journal, record your message for the day and write down any additional thoughts you may have.
  5. Download It - Share It.
    • Take screen shot of your poster - keep it displayed to light your way throughout the week.

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