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What's the Next Step on the Road Ahead?



On a recent holiday in Hawaii, I found myself driving on an unpaved road.



Although the map clearly indicated that I might encounter some difficulties, I did not anticipate the hairpin turns, one-lane roads, steep inclines and exposed cliffs. The map did not indicate that I would need gingerale, motion sickness medicine, tennis shoes (so that I could help the driver with my imaginary braking from the passenger seat), and strong fingernails (for gripping the inside of the car door).



I really wanted to take a picture of it to share with you, but quite honestly, I was too scared and I really felt like the driver needed my help (and if you ask my husband, I’m sure he will say I was incredibly helpful).



Being the strategic planner in the family, I quickly ran through our options. At that point, we were on an incline so steep that I was not sure our rental car would successfully make the climb.  



With that information in mind, there were clearly two choices.



(1) Go backwards. The road behind us was filled with winding, one lane, hairpin turns. Backtracking did not seem like a viable option.  Quite frankly, moving backwards was scarier than moving forward.



(2) Move forward. The road ahead of us seemed to drop off into the sky. My best hope was that there was a sharp turn at the top of the incline and that the road actually continued. Moving forward was the only viable option ~ we didn’t event need to talk about it. We just held our breath and kept driving.



Life is like that sometimes. Going backwards is not an appealing option. Although it is sometimes scary and unpredictable, the path forward promises something new and it can be so rewarding on the other side.



The truth of the matter is that we don’t always receive complete information about the path from here to there.  And often, we will encounter unexpected twists and turns. All we reallyneed to know are the next 1-2 steps. If we are inching forward, we are making progress.



As I kept telling my husband on the back side of Maui: "it doesn’t matter how fast we go ~ all we need to do is move forward." 



Although that wisdom was fear-based (and unwelcome) at the time, it remains true: it doesn’t matter how fast we go on the journey. There will always be someone moving faster and someone moving slower. We may not be able to see all of the steps ahead of us, but it is important to keep moving forward. As long as you keep moving forward, you will not lose momentum.



So, where are you on your journey? What have you already accomplished? What’s your destination? What is your next step? That’s really all you need to know to move forward on your journey.



Put your car into drive and move forward. You got this!



© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact kathy@refreshmentzone.com for more information on motivational programs.



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