Let the energy of the violin wrap around you in a warm embrace. Hear the sounds of fresh starts. Breathe for a moment - let your mind rest. Smile gently and find your hope for this moment. Find your rest. ~Kathy~ ("Lark Ascending" by Ralph Vaughan Williams - London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andrew Litton, Nicola Benedetti on the violin.)

Find your peace in simple things - a dog rolling in the grass - a butterfly fluttering around. "Dog and butterfly - up in the air she likes to fly - dog and butterfly - you know she had to try...." This is a song of wisdom that always makes me feel reconnected. Breathe, rest and float for a moment. It's the year of the butterfly. ~Kathy~ ("Dog and Butterfly" by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.)

"Who we gonna end up being?...What you gonna spend your free life on?" We can learn a lot from rock climbing - determination, exertion, connection. Let the music and images inspire thinking about your goals and dreams. Listen - dream - write down steps you can take this week. Wishing you big dreams and clear next steps. ~Kathy~ ("Free Life" by Dan Wilson)

You shine so bright - you are filled with gifts that make you different from every other person. The people around you see it within a moment of meeting you. You bring energy or peace or humor or kindness or patience or something else in a way that no one else can bring. Own your gifts - you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. ~Kathy~ ("Sure On This Shining Night" by Morten Lauridsen)

Imagine an awakening - this is what it must feel like to see the stars for the first time. The closing word is "majesty." Let yourself escape for just a moment - and see the stars with the synergy of music and dance. Chalk is used to enhance the muscular movement - it looks like snow or stars to me. Let it transport you - for just a moment....~Kathy~ ("Stars" sung by VOCES8 and found on their album "Lux.")

Transport yourself and feel. Whether you are in the midst of joy or adversity, there is hope. The soprano voice at the beginning and end makes me think of a bird coaxing us into a peaceful forest - let's go together. Wishing you peace, joy and bountiful feelings of gratitude for all of the good things that are present in your life at this moment. ~Kathy~ ("Alleluia" by Eric Whitacre)

Imagine the snowflakes gently falling on you. Feel the glow within you. It's your powerful generator located at a place deep within you where peace and joy and comfort reside. Breathe as you listen. Imagine it flowing from within and out into the world. Feel the ground beneath your feet and know that you are glowing. ~Kathy~ ("Glow" by Eric Whitacre is featured in "The World of Color" by Disney.) 

Let this beautiful song of abandon take you away to self-appreciation. You are worthy. You are loved. And so it goes: "Wildness surrounding wildness, Tenderness touching tenderness, It is your own core that you ceaselessly caress, ....Your own reflection gives you light. And in this way, you show us how Narcissus is redeemed." May you know how beautiful you are. ~Kathy~ ("Dirait On" by Morten Lauridsen)

Nature is preparing for new beginnings. We can do the same. Take 5 steps: 1) re-identify the dream; 2) reactivate your passion for the dream (write it down, draw a picture, describe it in detail); 3) reexamine priorities; 4) re-allocate your time; 5) commit to taking one step each day/week. Your new beginning is here. ~Kathy~ ("Autumn" by Antonio Vivaldi)

Sometimes I forget to FEEL during the work week. Emotion is good. Emotion brings clearing. Emotion brings healing. We don't even need to THINK to feel. All we need to do is listen, rest and allow ourselves to stop thinking - just for a minute. Remember to breath and FEEL the beauty of this day. I'll work on it too. ~Kathy~ ("Nox Arumque" by Eric Whitacre performed by the St. Olaf Choir)

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