Have you ever felt like you were in a state of limbo - like you were suspended in that interminable span of time where nothing seems to move forward or backward? 

It may have felt like your legs wouldn't or couldn’t move things forward - like you are bending backwards under a stick trying to make your legs move forward.

If you are in a state of limbo about anything right now, I have good news for you. 

You have limitless choices ahead of you. The future is bright. You can take control – gently and easily. It will require some positive intention and some effort and you can do it. You must believe it is possible.

Let me s...

I still remember my daily phone calls with my mom.

I would talk through my list of things that I was worried about, working on, trying to do, dreaming of, mad about, etc. I imagine her sitting there in her chair listening with great interest and patience and love.

She never tried to solve things for me - it was an unspoken assurance I received from her that I could and would figure it out - whatever it was.

On one occasion, I remember going through this daily ritual with her. My kids were little at the time (2 and 3 years old) and I felt particularly overwhelmed with all of the things that were in motion around me. She allo...

I can remember weekly conversations with my mom where I dumped my stuff. She listened patiently while I excitedly talked or cried or wondered aloud. And then she would say the most comforting words of love spoken from a lifetime of experience: “This too shall pass.” That’s all she said - and the words gave me confidence in my ability to get through whatever it was - to figure out whatever it was. The words made me feel strong. She was a woman warrior and spoke easy wisdom and truth. Thanks, Mom, for a lifetime of memories. From my mom to your heart - whatever it is - “You’ve got this.” ~Kathy~

You are a powerful creator of your family dynamic.

What are the lessons you have learned from your parents? 

Perhaps there are some habits and patterns that you cherish and others that you would rather not bring to your next relationship or family gathering.

With that having been said, I have some great news for you: from this moment forward you get to choose what to bring with you.

Family traits, characteristics and patterns influence our behavior as parents, spouses, friends, leaders and/or organizational members. This was given renewed focus for me by my dear friend Jeanne (who also happens to be a family therapist).


New beginnings require letting go. One of the hardest jobs I've had as a parent is letting go of my children. It's also been one of my biggest surprises and areas of growth. There are so many layers to the process and it seems that each time I unclutch my mind and release, there is another way in which I need to do it even more. Letting children learn on their own, make their mistakes and experience their own successes can be challenging. It requires conscious effort to not speak and to choose to listen instead. It all means we have to let go. Letting go enables others to grow and that is the gre...

I love children’s books and there is a particular title that got me thinking about mothers this week.

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman is about baby bird that hatches while its mother has gone to find food. Never having met his mother, he leaves the nest to find her. The little hatchling asks a kitten, a hen, a dog, a cow and even a power shovel if each is his mother.

Mothers don’t always come in the expected forms. 

The dictionary defines a mother as a protector. Another definition describes a mother as one who takes care of another person with tenderness. I think of a mother as one who nurtures, loves and/or guides...

When my mother passed away, I missed the special blessing that she put on my every night before she went to sleep.

It felt magical and surrounded me in the white light of protection. I know that she blesses me still.

I believe that mothers have a special "magic" that is powered by intention.

What is a "mother?" Each of us is a mother to others. A mother is not defined by whether she has given birth to another but by how she cares for them now. For me, a mother is a very positive thing ~ she loves unconditionally and, on occasion, tells the "truth" as she sees it - even if it hurts a little bit. I have had many mothers. Som...

As a mom, it is easy to think about the experiences that have made me stronger~many of them have been trials and challenges. I know I will not be given more than I can handle but what about my kids? It is hard to imagine our kids will go through similar (or more difficult) trials and challenges. And then we must....Trust. Have confidence. Be there. Love. Listen. Pray. They are strong and with you behind them, they are stronger. All is well. They will be well.  ~Kathy~

Animals have a way of saying: "I understand. You are doing just fine." There is no greater gift than the gift of presence - and listening. ~Kathy~

The people around you know something you don't know. Ask them what it is and then really listen. Shine your light on the people you work/live with this week ~ and let their light shine in return. It may surprise them, so remember to pause after asking. Here are some questions to start with: (1) What do you know that I don't know? (2) What are you excited about this week? (3) What's one thing we could do to improve the energy in our work/living space this week? (4) What can I do to support you this week? Look for simple, implementable ideas. Everything happens with one idea. Anything is possible when we ask and when...

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