The discovery (or re-discovery) of your gifts is a lifelong process, and your understanding and interpretation of your gifts is likely to grow and change over time. Your gifts and purpose are captured in the moments of each day - a word of kindness, a moment of laughter, a creative output, a word of reassurance....You are worthy of being gifted. If you believe they exist and begin looking, your gifts will find you. Follow your heart - follow your gifts - purpose is found there. Explore with me at the "Gift Discovery Retreat" in April - details to follow....~Kathy~

I once overheard a four-year-old say, "That lady is always smiling. It makes me happy when I see her." Children can be so direct, clear and wise. They offer some of the best of matter-of-fact feedback. When we grow up, we forget to say the simple and positive things that we think. What is it that you see in others? Tell them about their special gifts. "You have a real talent for...." "You always approach tasks with a...." "Your smile made me happy today." What is it you see in others? Let them know that there is something special in them. ~Kathy~ Read Building Hope and Optimism for the entire text of...

Nourish yourself with positive "I ams." We created this as a gift for a team we recently worked with - it did so much for us to record and reflect back the positive statements we heard team members say about one another. Listen to the positive information that is coming to you each day. Strengthen yourself with the good things people say about you. Wishing you the clarity and focus that comes with many positive "I ams." ~Kathy~

This is the month to fall in LOVE with what you DO. Work can be "work" but you have innate gifts and talents you bring with you every day - at work and at play. You might be an accountant, but you're also a healer (making people feel safer and more comfortable); you may work retail but you're also a therapist (helping people find a moment of joy and connection). What's the thing you DO better than anyone else? Solve problems? Tell stories? Make music? Read? Write? Connect? Motivate? Whatever it is, find it - and DO it with ALL your HEART. ~Kathy~

You were born with unique gifts and talents. Your life purpose is intertwined with those gifts. You effortlessly fulfill your purpose every day - simply by being who you are. Every action and interaction makes use of your gifts. Reconnect with the simple things you knew as a child. Remember your gifts and purpose will find you. ~Kathy~

What makes you different makes you special. When you understand your unique gifts, purpose will follow. Try taking inventory - list your top 5. (Hint - it may be the thing people say they love about you or it might be something that drives them crazy - "you are so...."). Either way, whatever follows that statement reflects a unique and positive trait in you. Allow yourself to embrace the ways in which you are different and special. ~Kathy~

I have learned that it is much easier to see the gifts in others than it is to recognize them in ourselves. It makes your insights about the people around you very important. Tell others what you see in them. There is no greater gift. ~Kathy~ 

Gifts are meant to be opened. You may or may not know that you possess these gifts - you utilize them so effortlessly and they are so deeply ingrained within you that you may not know that they are there. You were born with incredible gifts. Open them. Embrace them. And most importantly, share them. ~Kathy~

Remember all the things you learned about gifts as a child....

You have been given so many gifts to celebrate. Our invitation is to open our gifts. Our challenge is to embrace them. Our purpose is to share them with others. This is a year to name and claim your gifts. What are your gifts? Ask and you will find them. ~Kathy~

Once in a while a life event happens to slow us down – it might be an injury, a job loss, a relationship loss or something else. Have you ever had a moment like this where your life took an unexpected or tricky turn?

These are the moments that invite us to explore our “Core Strength.”

I had one of these small moments this week. On Monday, I decided to go to yoga class. I was feeling good (maybe a little too good) and I stretched further than I should have. I am not proud to share that in my moment of private bravado my stomach muscle snapped.

It was the kind of snap that makes you think, “Oh no – did I really just do that?”...

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