What have been your moments of expansion (i.e., moments that have stretched you in ways that you could not have imagined). These moments may stretch you still or they may be distant and formative memories. These moments hold our life stories - they inspire our growth - and hold life's lessons. Intend to take in the positive lessons - they are here to propel you. ~Kathy~ (Let Eric Whitacre's "Sleep" inspire reflection, expansion and deep breaths - the text Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.")

"Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know....

Do you ever hear this message? I do. For me it's an invitation to stop moving (i.e., proactive, intentional inaction) and start listening. ASK-LISTEN-ACT has been my commitment for at least a decade. GET OUT OF THE WAY is my Higher Wisdom whispering for me to remember. Wishing you a dynamic 2019 that is filled with positive whispers. ~Kathy~

This has been my work/meditation jam for the last year. When I am creating, I find it helpful to listen to simple and divine music like this. I thank my son for putting this and other interesting minimalistic resources before me - hope you love it and find that it puts you in your zone where creation effortlessly flows - that place where wisdom prevents itself in the quiet space. Wishing you effortless creation. ~Kathy~ (Antico Adagio by Lino Capra Vaccina)

Beautiful footage and music – take a peaceful journey through the seasons as you think about the year ahead. What does this year hold for you? Where will you travel in your work, your relationships and other areas this year? The world is at our feet – if we can just imagine the future vision – put it into words – and then put it into action. One step at a time. One day at a time. Wishing you great success in all that you do. ~Kathy~ (Ola Gjeilo Performed by Tenebrae/Nigel Short)

As I settle into the weekend and reflect on what really matters, I am grateful for your support. You are a part of this growing refreshment community and I am so pleased that we can grow together. I wish you balance, peace and rest this weekend. Take some time for yourself - you matter and being well rested gives you the fuel you need to continue to make a difference. Thank you. ~Kathy~ New Blog

This morning I spent some time in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit at North Carolina State University's Veterinary School of Medicine. They are one of my clients and I continue to be amazed at their compassion and focus. (Here's a quiet and appreciative "shout out" to members of the ECC Department.)

It made me think about what's really important.

Before I got to my meeting, I woke at 5:30 a.m. with a nervous energy inside of me. Holidays can take on a life of their own; as I lay there and thought about all the things I needed to do this weekend, my anxiety increased. 

"Write it down and go back to sleep," my...

Sometimes saying "yes" is the right decision. Say "yes" to throwing the ball. Say "yes" to talking to your children. Say "yes" to taking a deep breath. Say "yes" when someone offers you help. Say "yes" to a hug. Say "yes" to your wilted plants (if it pleases you to water them). Say "yes" to the things that make you happy. Re-write your "to do" list and just say "yes." If you find yourself caught in a never-ending treadmill of activity that isn't aligned with your health, happiness, and people you value the most, then it's time to see the opportunity before you. Is your heart asking you to say "yes" today? Yes! ~Kathy~...

When faced with a decision to take care of ourselves or lead, we often choose the latter.

I was faced with this dilemma this week - I'm sure you have to. What did you choose?

I chose to lead. I took the extra steps that were necessary to put myself two steps ahead of my team. I got up to speed. I pushed myself ahead. I created assignments. I took time to communicate and motivate. I almost caught up on my email.

That's what leaders do. We often choose between being "in step" or getting ahead of the ball which I call being "two steps ahead."

I'm proud I made that particular choice last week, but I also have mixed feeling abou...

Sometimes when we are feeling a little down, we need a little "pick me up!"


Yesterday, I went to Cinderella, sat in a dark movie theater by myself and ate a container of buttered popcorn.


Do I feel better? Yes, I do!


And this morning I went to the gym.


I am wishing you a day filled with quick fixes and productivity!



© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication.


Contact kathy@refreshmentzone.com for more information on motivational programs.

Is a treadmill a positive thing?

At the gym, although treadmills tend to make us sweat, we choose to step on to them toward the promise of health. Somehow we associate a treadmill with doing something positive for ourselves. At the gym, we step on and we step off at the time of our choosing. We listen to music. We watch the big screen televisions. We breathe.

Many of us step onto an activity treadmill that we run on throughout our day ~ but it doesn't feel healthy. We forget to breath. We feel overwhelmed. We aren't sure if it is positive or negative. We forget to turn on the music and smile.

What activities are you engaged...

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