The discovery (or re-discovery) of your gifts is a lifelong process, and your understanding and interpretation of your gifts is likely to grow and change over time. Your gifts and purpose are captured in the moments of each day - a word of kindness, a moment of laughter, a creative output, a word of reassurance....You are worthy of being gifted. If you believe they exist and begin looking, your gifts will find you. Follow your heart - follow your gifts - purpose is found there. Explore with me at the "Gift Discovery Retreat" in April - details to follow....~Kathy~

Ever get thrown unexpectedly onto the off-road of life? I have. It can be an exhilarating or mind-numbing experience. It’s a time when we find ourselves on unchartered territory - with twists and turns we weren’t expecting. It could be a health or job crisis, loss of loved one - but it might also be a happy event like a job promotion, a baby, etc. Every off-road moment has great purpose in our lives. Does a particular off-road moment come to mind? Ask yourself - what did I learn about myself when (fill in the blank) happened? Take those learnings and let them boost your strength, confidence and positive self-awareness. E...

This is the month to fall in LOVE with what you DO. Work can be "work" but you have innate gifts and talents you bring with you every day - at work and at play. You might be an accountant, but you're also a healer (making people feel safer and more comfortable); you may work retail but you're also a therapist (helping people find a moment of joy and connection). What's the thing you DO better than anyone else? Solve problems? Tell stories? Make music? Read? Write? Connect? Motivate? Whatever it is, find it - and DO it with ALL your HEART. ~Kathy~

In challenging times or times of strength, it is helpful to remember the Core Truths™. There are 12 basic truths that we need to say to ourselves every day. Everything we need to know is in here somewhere.  Let it strengthen you to know....

Life is like a treasure hunt. The Universe constantly puts clues before us that invite positive steps and new beginnings. Will we follow the path that is laid before us? Yes. Ask for guidance. Listen to the answers you receive - they will be in the form of clues (i.e., gut instincts, coincidences, recurring thoughts you have, a song on the radio, etc. ). And then, most importantly, act on your Inner Knowings. There are great things ahead for you. ~Kathy~

Purpose can seem like an elusive concept - but we can find purpose in our day-to-day activities. When we are our listening or acting as our best self - purpose is there. When we feel like we are in the right place at the right time - purpose is there. When we find ourselves following our hearts or having fun - purpose is there. When we find ourselves connecting with others - purpose is there. Purpose is a proactive concept - when we know what it is and evoke it intentionally, it brings power, passion, and meaning to our lives. Wishing you certainty and purpose. ~Kathy~

You were born with unique gifts and talents. Your life purpose is intertwined with those gifts. You effortlessly fulfill your purpose every day - simply by being who you are. Every action and interaction makes use of your gifts. Reconnect with the simple things you knew as a child. Remember your gifts and purpose will find you. ~Kathy~

Gifts are meant to be opened. You may or may not know that you possess these gifts - you utilize them so effortlessly and they are so deeply ingrained within you that you may not know that they are there. You were born with incredible gifts. Open them. Embrace them. And most importantly, share them. ~Kathy~

"Everybody" by Raul Midon 

When Midon was a child he was told, "You're blind; you can't do this." In New York he was told, "You're not going to make it." Discover the power of your purpose. You are making a difference in this world. ~Kathy~

Remember all the things you learned about gifts as a child....

You have been given so many gifts to celebrate. Our invitation is to open our gifts. Our challenge is to embrace them. Our purpose is to share them with others. This is a year to name and claim your gifts. What are your gifts? Ask and you will find them. ~Kathy~

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