“You can’t be frightened if you are so surprised.”

~Ruth Cope, survivor of the attacks on Pearl Harbor~

Paris is known as the “City of Lights” for many reasons. As I returned from vacation where we had no Wi-Fi or Internet, I was shocked to learn that the lights had been dimmed for a moment.

As I took in the news, I was taken by the stories of bravery, perseverance, kindness and hope.

In particular, while it may seem like a small act of bravery, I was taken by the story of a man who decided to go fishing on the shores of Paris on the morning after the attacks. He intentionally stood there as a symbol of normalcy; he stood th...

We all lose something some time.

We lose people we love. We lose competitions. We lose companions. We lose jobs. If you are like me, sometimes you lose your keys, your cell phone, your coffee and many other things.

No matter how great the loss – or how small - loss can be hard. I don’t like it a bit. And every year as I get older, I keep hoping I won’t have to lose anything else. I keep hoping that there will be one year when I hear, “Yep, you are as wise as you can get. No more losing for you!”

This morning I met with a very successful woman whom I admire. She’s a total winner at the top of her game. She has a bright energ...

When do we become so strong?

For me, it happened little by little - against my will - and yet with my permission.

Eventually, we are all resilient. Eventually, we are all unbroken. Each with our silent story to tell. A story of love and sorrow. Pain and joy.

It is the contrast that makes us stronger.

Every person has a story, yet not all of us get to tell it (or have movies made about our lives). Your life is amazing and rich and you have a story to tell.

What's your story? What has made you stronger? Who has made you stronger? Embrace all of it - the happy and the sad - for all of it has made you stronger.

Feel the...

Having just returned from visiting my children who are settling into their new apartments and lives, this occurred to me. Perhaps you have loved ones who are away. Home can be so many places-for me, it is my childhood home where my mother lived, my first home, my second and third. It is where my children were born-and it is with them where they are now. Home is where the heart is-and the heart can be many places at once. Where is your heart? Where is your home? Feel the love. Tell them this week. ~Kathy~

*This blog is written In memory of a young man that I never met, but who taught me so much….Life is full of learning. Some of it is hard to understand. If you have lived, laughed, cried and taught ~ thank you for your selfless teaching.

Last week a high school friend of mine lost her son 22-year-old son in a tragic accident. It was a sudden and surprising turn in her life. It was one of those turns where we look back and say, “I didn’t see that coming.”

So many of us have learned, vicariously, through her bravery.

While I know that her heart is breaking, here is what I have learned from my high school friend.

In even the mos...

What do we do to ease the passage of time?

Invariably, each of us is caught in a spot when we are in the midst of a difficult time. 

These times call us to learn and grow but what do we do with the passage of time?

We must let it happen. There is no denying the passage of time.

  • Make it as pleasant as possible for yourself.

  • Treat yourself.

  • Find “joy angels” (people who make you laugh).

  • Distract yourself.

Then....ALLOW the learning. ASK for the learning.

Everything happens for a reason – but the learning can be tricky.

Recently, I was involved in a long growth process – I thought it would never end and I fel...

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