I often hear leaders say, "That will never work." This type of certainty is based on data collected in the past. The sentiment can make us feel stuck. Sometimes energy is devoted to what cannot be - instead of what can be. Conclusions based on old data may not be true. What if we imagined a new possibility for our lives? What if we imagined that something just might be possible - if we tried. It is true that we may try and that it will not work, but it is also possible that with the right kind of proactive effort and positive thought, we can promote new beginnings. If you are encountering resistance at your workplace, in...

I'm in a summer state of mind at the beach - I hope the summer promises some rest time for you too. (Create a vacation in your mind as often as you can.)

As I sit here on the beach, it's a good time to think about the past, present and future - and today I am thinking about miracles.

Recently I heard myself say, "It will be a miracle when [fill in the blank] happens." 

A light bulb went off right away and my inner wisdom gave me a talking to as she shouted:

Miracles do happen.
You are thinking about it all wrong.
We may think of them as unexpected, unbelievable, seemingly impossible things that happen in our l...

Nourish yourself with positive "I ams." We created this as a gift for a team we recently worked with - it did so much for us to record and reflect back the positive statements we heard team members say about one another. Listen to the positive information that is coming to you each day. Strengthen yourself with the good things people say about you. Wishing you the clarity and focus that comes with many positive "I ams." ~Kathy~

Whatever it is you're manifesting - the time is now. First you must believe it's possible. Take 5 minutes to envision it. What does it LOOK like (describe it in detail)? What does it FEEL like (what are you holding)? What does it SMELL like (where are you - what are you holding, cooking, smelling)? What does it TASTE like (what are you tasting, enjoying)? What does it SOUND like (where are you, what are you doing more of)? Let these questions inspire your visioning - and write it down to make it event more concrete. Read it every day and feel it again. The time is now. You are the medicine we need right now. Your light m...

Manifestation is allowance. Some messages I frequently receive include "get out of the way" - "stop thinking" - "allow". Like you, I am in the process of dreams and goals unfolding. I teach it. I practice it. I hit sticky spots where I need to reset my thinking. Why not allow your wildest dreams to come true. "I barely think of it and the path is unfolding." Believe it. Let's try together. ~Kathy~

Manifestation is a daily practice.

While we often reserve manifestation for larger goals, we can utilize it on the little things in our daily lives as well. How do you see your next interaction unfolding today? What do you expect from your trip to the grocery store? What about that important meeting next week? How about your ride home from work?

While we may not be able to control the traffic, we can control our experience of the traffic. And we can choose to impact every event throughout our day with positive thoughts about what we expect to happen (a.k.a., positive self-fulfilling prophecies).

I had an opportunity to pra...

We find our vision by answering two questions: (1) Where am I now? (2) Where would I like to be? Whether it is personal or organizational vision, we have to be able to put the vision into words. It is important to speak the positive future vision. What are you wanting? Write it down. Then tell a close friend or confidant what you envision. Anything is possible - tell others what you see. ~Kathy~

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