Dog energy is a lot like people energy (just ask Ceasar Milan). When a group of dogs get together it can be a passionate and frenetic adventure.

I walked in the SPCA K93K Walk to benefit homeless pets this weekend. ​The energy was electric with dogs dressed in costumes, excited owners and lots of treats!

There was the occasional scuffle (barking and a little biting) but there a point in the day that amazed me. It was when all the people and dogs began to walk together.

Once we began to walk together, everyone was on the same course with the same purpose in mind.

This applies to cooperative endeavors in every setting (whether...

Although one of my mottos is "I don't backtrack," there have been times in my life when I have been "stuck in replay" and have found myself rewinding the past - landing in old way of thinking, feeling, acting or speaking. The past is important - find your productive path forward by asking the key question: "What is the lesson I am to be learning from this situation?" When we master a lesson, we get to move on to the next - life is our greatest teacher - and off-road moments (the ones that deliver unexpected twists and turns) are our curriculum. Our job is to show up - get the lesson - initiate change - and grow to the ne...

Life is always folding in two paths - melding together. We walk the present and reach for the future - both in motion at the same time. It's like a relay race - the baton pass from present to future is happening and there is always a moment of suspension when both sides are moving - both sides firmly holding the baton. Have your eyes fixed on the future - while allowing yourself to be in the present moment. And get ready to sprint. It's time for forward motion. ~Kathy~

Have you ever felt stuck?

If you have, take comfort.

We all get stuck sometimes. We might find ourselves stuck in traffic, stuck in a conversation, stuck in the wrong line at the movie theater, stuck in a bad relationship pattern, stuck in a tricky work situation, etc.
 In fact, almost every person I have ever talked to, coached or worked with has felt stuck at one point or another – including me.

What is Stuck?

I define “stuck” as a lack of movement (forward or backward) in any situation; it is that uncomfortable and emotional feeling that we ought to be somewhere else. Generally, the feeling of stuck implies that we have b...

Sometimes the most important thing is finding your momentum. You might find your momentum by completing a few easy projects.  On other days, it can be a great relief to get the hardest thing off of your list first. The rest of the day will fly. Try doing the hardest thing first today! Then let the momentum of success elevate you. ~Kathy~

Passion is a game changer. It has transformative power. It can fuel an organization and bring new ideas into focus. It can also bubble up like a carbonated drink that has been shaken up inside of a bottle and then opened. Left unharnessed, passion can throw a meeting agenda out the window. But channelled passion can change the world. Passion is the “wild card” that can take your organization to the next level. Don’t be caught off guard by it. Anticipate it. Embrace it. Utilize it. Read the blog Nonprofit Passion: Harnessing the "Wild Card" - find your momentum together. ~Kathy~

Play this when you need an energy boost. Imagine steady forward motion. Feel the focused and positive intention come into your day. Wishing you energy for your work in the world. ~Kathy~ ("Art of Motion" by Andy McKee)

Ever felt like you were dangling in mid-air? Like you were stuck on a zip line?

A friend of mine had that experience a few weeks ago. Determined to start the New Year with strength, she signed up for a zip line experience (something she had always wanted to do).

She grabbed a brave friend. Climbed up the platform. Got all tightened up in her harness and looked at the course ahead of her.

She assessed the thin zip line, the open air and the deep drop below.

Then came another piece of information that required the ultimate trust on her part.

Apparently, to successfully get to the other side of a zip line experience,...

Where are things blocked up? Imagine things moving forward. Create momentum for positive change - in your relationships, in your organization, in your mind, in every setting. Every relationship can be healed - with positive effort and with clear intention. Be a catalyst. ~Kathy~

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