This is one of my favorite songs - when I first had dreams of creating productions like this, Morten Lauridsen's Dirait-On was always on my mind and in my heart. The work is based upon a text translation of a poem by Rilke; the section that inspires reads - "Who you are sustains you eternally, so they say; your very being is nourished by its own enlightened reflection.” For me this text encourages us to recognize and share the best of ourselves with others. I hope it restores your energies. The music is performed by the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Paul Salamunovich conducting. Let it heal your soul and celebrate the best...

This week a little miracle dropped onto our dining room table - an inchworm. I don't think I'd ever seen one - we watched for several minutes as it inched across our table. The next 30 minutes were devoted to creating a habitat for this little miracle - a glass vase where an azalea flower playground awaited our friend. I am kind of hungry for miracles these days - and I am delighted when little things that I used to take for granted present themselves - like the wren who perches himself on our deck rail and sings its heart out every day. My little inchworm taught me not to grab onto miracles too tight but to appreciate f...

In this challenging time, this timeless story brings hope and reminds us of what binds us together. I hope you enjoy it today. Sending light and thoughts of health and healing to you and all you love, Kathy


People come from all over the world in the hopes of finding wellness at the Mayo Clinic. Although I have never been a patient there, I have found healing there.

I hope you do too as I tell you about my experience.

The Piano Man

It was the man at the grand piano that taught me the most.

I wasn’t trying to find him. And he wasn’t trying to teach me anything. But there he was playing the happiest music I could imagine...

To pass through a mountain, we have to go through a tunnel.

Recently, I was driving to and from Nashville, Tennessee and I had the joy of driving through the Cherokee National Forest.

It was gorgeous and there were tunnels - lots of them!

As I approached each tunnel, I got nervous for some reason. 

I had to come to terms with the fact that I don't like tunnels. I know they present an efficient route through a mountain but, for me, they are dark and scary - unlike the picture I've included above (it's how I like to envision tunnels now).

I realized that when we're in a tunnel, we don't exactly know how...

Although it is spring, today it is rainy and cold outside. It heightens my appreciation for sunshine, warmth and the beauty of nature after a cleansing rain. Things always seem brighter after it rains. Colors are brighter. Nature is fresh and clean. Although it's hazy, things seem more clear. Sunshine is ahead. New beginnings are just around the corner. ~Kathy~

Happiness is like a butterfly - the more you chase it, the more it eludes - but if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and sits softly on your shoulder. ~Kathy~

A few years ago, I noticed that caterpillars were attracted to the parsley in my garden. Having young children at the time, I decided it would be exciting to see what would happen if we put one of the hungry caterpillars in a jar. We went into the back yard and carefully selected small branches, grass, and pine straw to put in our large “sun tea” container, and proceeded to feed our caterpillar enough parsley to keep him content. We placed a wax pape...

I once overheard a four-year-old say, "That lady is always smiling. It makes me happy when I see her." Children can be so direct, clear and wise. They offer some of the best of matter-of-fact feedback. When we grow up, we forget to say the simple and positive things that we think. What is it that you see in others? Tell them about their special gifts. "You have a real talent for...." "You always approach tasks with a...." "Your smile made me happy today." What is it you see in others? Let them know that there is something special in them. ~Kathy~ Read Building Hope and Optimism for the entire text of...

Yesterday as my husband and I were driving back from a day-trip to the beach, there was a terrible rainstorm accompanying us on the interstate.

It was the kind of storm that made me drive slower, open my eyes wider, sit forward, grip tighter and put my hazards on. It was raining so hard that I couldn’t see the cars in front of me. I told myself, “Just put your hands on the wheel and drive.”

Sitting in the passenger seat was my navigator who helpfully informed me that it was raining very hard. (By the way, he too was sitting forward in his seat. Nobody rests well in that kind of storm.)

Trying to be helpful, he found the wea...

What if - just for a day - we looked at the sunny side of everything? When times are tough, positivity can be a challenge. Positivity is built in small steps. A statement like, "we are not a strong system" becomes "we are taking positive steps to become stronger." (Then we cite examples.) "I am not well" is transformed into "I am doing positive things to feel better." (Then we give examples.) In both cases, the first statement does not allow the possibility for improvement; the second statement opens the door to possibility and, with examples, it begins to feel different. It is a subtle difference between door closed shu...

Group and individual strength is built on positive vision. Norman Rockwell said of his paintings, "I paint life as I would like it to be." Paint life with your words. Tell others what you see in them. Say the words we all long to hear: "You have a good head on your shoulders. You'll figure it out." And don't forget my mother's words: "This too shall pass." And from a Source who always gives me comfort: "All will be well." ~Kathy~

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