We do a great job taking care of others. Valentine's week is a great time to remember that we need to love and take care of ourselves.

This list gives a few ideas for your consideration. What do you do to show yourself that you care? Add it to the list - better yet, send me a note. We'll create a new list to share!

1. Breathe with the intention of releasing some tension. If you are at your computer or on your phone right now, releasing the tension from your shoulders and take 3 deep breaths.

2. Say nice things to yourself. Are there some "sweet nothings" you have been longing to hear? Commit to saying positive things to you...

Energy is like a glass of water. We pour our energy into the world - in our work, in our communities, to our friends, colleagues and loved ones. Sometimes we can pour so much of ourselves out and forget to refill the glass. Your energy is so important to all of us. We need you replenished and refreshed. How do you refill your energy when the glass of water runs dry? Refill yourself with intention this weekend - the world needs you in a refreshed state. It need not take a lot of time - refilling your glass may be as simple as taking a deep breath or a walk in the woods. It might mean doing something fun or taking a few mo...

I still remember my daily phone calls with my mom.

I would talk through my list of things that I was worried about, working on, trying to do, dreaming of, mad about, etc. I imagine her sitting there in her chair listening with great interest and patience and love.

She never tried to solve things for me - it was an unspoken assurance I received from her that I could and would figure it out - whatever it was.

On one occasion, I remember going through this daily ritual with her. My kids were little at the time (2 and 3 years old) and I felt particularly overwhelmed with all of the things that were in motion around me. She allo...

We carry a lot of extra weight on our shoulders and in our brains around the holidays. There's the weight of things we want to do, things we ought to do and things we think will be fun but can't seem to find time for. What's on your list that is weighing you down? Get a cup of coffee, sit by the fire, breathe and make a list. Reassess - to do'sought's, should's and want to's. What rises to the top? Do that one first. If there are things you are putting off but feel like the doing of them will be quick and easy - do that first. I tested my own advice this morning and did 2 things - spent five minutes - and lifted 10 ton...

This morning I spent some time in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit at North Carolina State University's Veterinary School of Medicine. They are one of my clients and I continue to be amazed at their compassion and focus. (Here's a quiet and appreciative "shout out" to members of the ECC Department.)

It made me think about what's really important.

Before I got to my meeting, I woke at 5:30 a.m. with a nervous energy inside of me. Holidays can take on a life of their own; as I lay there and thought about all the things I needed to do this weekend, my anxiety increased. 

"Write it down and go back to sleep," my...

There is a pile of things at the bottom of my "to do" list. They have been there for almost a month. They are the things that add weight to my mind. And - they wait for me day after day. Although I am getting things done, that pile is looking at me every time I walk into my office. They are actually beginning to scream at me that I am not productive enough. They aren't the most important things; they are the things that are not as fun for me to do (i.e., making that 2-minute phone call, filing, administration and putting things away). For me, they are the hardest things. They will also take me the least amount of time to...

Have you ever found yourself running without direction?

It can happen at work and at home.

Calendars fill up with appointments.

Lists of tasks get longer and longer.

We start to feel buried.

Our calendars and to do lists get in front of us and we rush from one thing to another.

We start to feel tired and breathless.

It can feel like the schedule controls us vs. us controlling the schedule.

And sometimes we forget to check-in on the what we are doing and why.

We all run without direction now and again. It happens easily. And it is okay – there is actually purpose in the

contrast between feeling in control and out of control.

In fac...

Problems are like puzzles. Last week I was working on a puzzle and I couldn't help but think about the big problems I am helping some of my clients solve. The process is the same whether you are solving a puzzle or solving a real life problem. It's best to look at it in smaller pieces or chunks. Break the problem into sections and work it one piece at a time. It can be overwhelming to work on everything at once. Solve the smaller parts first to make a big impact. You've got this. ~Kathy~ 

Finding momentum can be tough some days. If you are feeling sluggish remember that any movement forward is positive. Take it one step at a time. One task at a time. One day at a time. (1+1+1+1= Productivity). Write down your steps. Check them off. Enjoy your success! ~Kathy~

Vision is critical. Articulating the long-term goal or end point is critical. But we often forget to break the goal into smaller steps. Write out the steps to get from here to there. Give yourself credit for every step taken (check it off). Focus your attention on completion of the first step. One day at a time. One step at a time. You've got this! ~Kathy~

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