Invite gentle mindlessness as you slowly breath in and out to the rhythm of this acoustical guitar music. I hope the meditative mood and text speaks to you: "The lights are all around you now. Feel your feet on the ground and your head slowing down as you breath in and you breath out. All is well." Find your rest. ~Kathy~ ("All is well" by Joe Fred)

Sending you so much joy right now - let this music ignite your inner spark. Do a jig if you want to - move your shoulders - smile - let your energy flow from the inside out. Wishing you wonderful energy and collaboration at work, at home and at play today.~Kathy~ (Live performance of "Attaboy" from Goat Rodeo Sessions with Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan and Yo-Yo Ma)

There is nothing more important than presence. Others know when we are present. (They know when we are not.) Presence is a gift you can give to another person (a child, a stranger, a colleague, a friend or loved one, a direct report, a teacher, etc.). It is a gift that you can give yourself. Presence is the opposite of distraction. When we are present it feels good. When we are distracted we know it. Increase your awareness this week ~ and I promise to do the same. Where would you like to add more presence this week? Who would benefit most? Give the gift of presence. There is no greater gift. ~Kathy~

As you listen, offer yourself thoughtful appreciation for where you are - all you have learned - all that you are in the process of moving to - you are a work of art - you are progress in motion. Make a list of all the things you are learning and the things you are striving to know more about. All is in process - your forward motion is inevitable. Peace. ~Kathy~ ("Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber)

Imagine an awakening - this is what it must feel like to see the stars for the first time. The closing word is "majesty." Let yourself escape for just a moment - and see the stars with the synergy of music and dance. Chalk is used to enhance the muscular movement - it looks like snow or stars to me. Let it transport you - for just a moment....~Kathy~ ("Stars" sung by VOCES8 and found on their album "Lux.")

Last year was a huge year of growth for all of us - local, national and world events have made us feel a little off balance - the 2017 Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index confirms that this is true for all demographics - gender, age, race, religion, political party, etc. - we are one in our feelings of uncertainty and in our desire to feel better.

This "state of the union" has caused me to want to "come out" about why and how Refreshment Zone was conceived - I'll be revealing more about that in 2018.

What is Refreshment Zone and How Can It Help Us Now?

Refreshment Zone is inspired by you. In my work as a social scientist and...

Purpose can seem like an elusive concept - but we can find purpose in our day-to-day activities. When we are our listening or acting as our best self - purpose is there. When we feel like we are in the right place at the right time - purpose is there. When we find ourselves following our hearts or having fun - purpose is there. When we find ourselves connecting with others - purpose is there. Purpose is a proactive concept - when we know what it is and evoke it intentionally, it brings power, passion, and meaning to our lives. Wishing you certainty and purpose. ~Kathy~

Alone time is good. This week I am on a "mountain retreat" in the middle of nowhere - all by myself. Feeling alone has brought me to my knees before, but this week, creating alone time has given me an opportunity to remember that I am never alone. I may shut myself off or away, but I am never alone. You are not alone either. I know it can be tricky to get away sometimes but take time for yourself this week. Even 5 minutes can replenish the spirit. Wishing you peace and joy. ~Kathy~

Today my phone told me it was going into "low power" mode. 

I am grateful for the inventors of the program that helps my phone select the most important places to expend energy and make decisions about what to let go.

This is helpful programming for life.

Sometimes it is necessary to stretch our energies out until we can plug ourselves back in. Today is a day like that for me and, like my phone, I am going to have to decide where to expend energy and where to let something go until I can recharge my battery.

If you have ever found yourself needing to switch to low power mode, consider adding energy to you...

Some days priorities are harder to set than others, but these two questions can bring simplicity and clarity to every day:

(1) What do you need to do?

(2) What do you want to do?

Every day's "to do" list should be populated with the answers to both.

Keep your list simple.

Write it down. Your top bullet points ought to fit on a post-it note.

When the day is over, you may have accomplished 50 additional tasks ~ but your answer to these questions (both wants AND needs) should be addressed first.

Try it out. It's an amazing focusing tool. 

You are an important part of the formula ~ refresh yourself!

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