Music is such a great healer. This week, I found myself driving somewhere and forced myself to listen to some music. I wanted to sing but kind of forgot how to do that - so I had to make a choice and began to sing. After a few minutes I was actually feeling happier, calmer, more optimistic and more like myself. Music does wonders for our soul so today I searched for some new music to put here for you. I hope you enjoy Peder Helland's "Calm Wind" - the nature images will help maintain calm focus while you - breath in - and breath out to the music. (Try finding your favorite song - sing and/or dance - it will increase your...

What have been your moments of expansion (i.e., moments that have stretched you in ways that you could not have imagined). These moments may stretch you still or they may be distant and formative memories. These moments hold our life stories - they inspire our growth - and hold life's lessons. Intend to take in the positive lessons - they are here to propel you. ~Kathy~ (Let Eric Whitacre's "Sleep" inspire reflection, expansion and deep breaths - the text Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.")

"Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know....

Spring is here. Winter is the perfect time to cocoon, reflect and prepare for the future. I raise butterflies and have watched as they slowly transform themselves from one state to another - there's that precious rest time in between caterpillar and butterfly. And when they push out of the cocoon, it happens slowly - once out, they give their wings time to expand and grow stronger. So spring has arrived - it's a good time to reset, reconsider, repair, recalibrate and reimagine the future. Where are you going next? Find that next step. I'll bet it's going to be wonderful. ~Kathy~

Last year, I visited a new strategic planning client and as I entered the building I immediately thought to myself, “Somebody loves this place.”

I couldn’t say why, but it felt good to be there. After I left, I did a little field research and asked myself to reconstruct the experience.  Retracing the clues, I asked myself why it felt good. 

  • I heard laughter.

  • I saw smiling people.

  • I was greeted warmly (with a smile and friendly eye contact).

  • The floors were shiny and polished.

  • There were well-tended, healthy plants all around.

  • Positive words and quotations were painted brightly on the...

Energy is like a glass of water. We pour our energy into the world - in our work, in our communities, to our friends, colleagues and loved ones. Sometimes we can pour so much of ourselves out and forget to refill the glass. Your energy is so important to all of us. We need you replenished and refreshed. How do you refill your energy when the glass of water runs dry? Refill yourself with intention this weekend - the world needs you in a refreshed state. It need not take a lot of time - refilling your glass may be as simple as taking a deep breath or a walk in the woods. It might mean doing something fun or taking a few mo...

It is always good to remember the most important thing. It starts with love. Let the image wash over you and seep into you as you remember all the ways that you are loved. Create a visual hug for yourself - create a list of all the people who love you + all the people you love. You are surrounded. You are so very worthy and so very loved. ~Kathy~

Imagine an awakening - this is what it must feel like to see the stars for the first time. The closing word is "majesty." Let yourself escape for just a moment - and see the stars with the synergy of music and dance. Chalk is used to enhance the muscular movement - it looks like snow or stars to me. Let it transport you - for just a moment....~Kathy~ ("Stars" sung by VOCES8 and found on their album "Lux.")

Imagine the snowflakes gently falling on you. Feel the glow within you. It's your powerful generator located at a place deep within you where peace and joy and comfort reside. Breathe as you listen. Imagine it flowing from within and out into the world. Feel the ground beneath your feet and know that you are glowing. ~Kathy~ ("Glow" by Eric Whitacre is featured in "The World of Color" by Disney.) 

Let this beautiful song of abandon take you away to self-appreciation. You are worthy. You are loved. And so it goes: "Wildness surrounding wildness, Tenderness touching tenderness, It is your own core that you ceaselessly caress, ....Your own reflection gives you light. And in this way, you show us how Narcissus is redeemed." May you know how beautiful you are. ~Kathy~ ("Dirait On" by Morten Lauridsen)

Alone time is good. This week I am on a "mountain retreat" in the middle of nowhere - all by myself. Feeling alone has brought me to my knees before, but this week, creating alone time has given me an opportunity to remember that I am never alone. I may shut myself off or away, but I am never alone. You are not alone either. I know it can be tricky to get away sometimes but take time for yourself this week. Even 5 minutes can replenish the spirit. Wishing you peace and joy. ~Kathy~

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