What is the “miracle” you’d like to invite into your life? When I think of my miracle - it is not a miracle at all but something that I can invite and manifest. In order to allow miracles to happen, we have to be aligned (i.e., poised to receive) and ready for the future state - this might mean we need to let go of old ways of thinking, speaking, doing and interacting. Focus on the future and invite your miracle. You are worthy of a miracle. ~Kathy~

If there were only one gift I could give my children, it would be this prayer of intention and protection. It is the beginning of each day, each day of work on behalf of my clients and each night of sleep. It is a prayer of protection and intention - it is the first thing I learned about prayer and alignment in my own life and in my work with others. If we approach each day, each conversation, each work event, etc. with this intention then we can be sure that all is well, that we are protected and that we are bringing our highest selves to each opportunity. It is the first and most important lesson I have ever learned ab...

May every relationship in your life be one in which you say to yourself: "My relationship with you is so important to me that I promise to bring my higher self with me every time we talk." How lucky to have positive, supportive relationships. I hope your life is filled with them.~Kathy~

ASK. LISTEN. ACT. Step 1: Ground/protect yourself (i.e., "in the white light for the highest good"). Step 2: Ask for guidance (i.e., what is our work today?). Step 3: Listen to the answer you receive (your immediate thoughts offer trustworthy inspirations). Step 4: Act upon the guidance you receive. When I engage in this process, I pay attention to first thoughts. Sometimes it is as simple as, "write the sympathy card to..." Often I get a list of very simple actions. I complete them immediately. And I know that, in completing these simple actions, I accomplished the most important work of the day. Wishing you confidence...

Growth matters. And it happens whether we want it to or not. It is relentless in its steady pulse.

Like the seasons, we can count on the cyclical invitation to grow: spring, summer, winter, fall - each holding something different for us.

This is a great month to take inventory.

Perhaps you are in a time of celebration right now - things are going well for you. Take inventory and list all the things that are going right. Offer appreciation and then ask: what is the lesson that I am I to be learning from this time/situation? 

If you are going through a challenging time – of any sort – then list the challenges one by...

Communication is the vehicle through which we get things accomplished in our day. Here are three questions to assess your communication at the end of each day: (1) When I'm at my communication best I....(2) I was proud of my communication today when I....(3) My "do-over" was....Forgive yourself. Apologize for the "do-over" and recommit to functioning as your highest self. Celebrate your proud moments - you have so many of them every day. ~Kathy~

"I Am Who I Am" performed by Guru Singh, Seal & Friends 

The message of this mantra-like song invites peace, acceptance of others and acceptance of self. I find it quite comforting. I hope you do too. ~Kathy~

"Relationship drama" is anything that pulls our attention away from positive activities, thoughts or things. It can de-energize us and distract us from doing our positive work in the world. Today's energizer activity: write down the names of the people with whom you choose to spend time; circle the names that give you energy and make you feel good. Make a conscious choice to spend more time with people who give you energy. For those who take it away....what's the real story? Listen with love and sympathy. Protect yourself. Limit contact if necessary. And learn the lesson being taught.... ~Kathy~

When my mother passed away, I missed the special blessing that she put on my every night before she went to sleep.

It felt magical and surrounded me in the white light of protection. I know that she blesses me still.

I believe that mothers have a special "magic" that is powered by intention.

What is a "mother?" Each of us is a mother to others. A mother is not defined by whether she has given birth to another but by how she cares for them now. For me, a mother is a very positive thing ~ she loves unconditionally and, on occasion, tells the "truth" as she sees it - even if it hurts a little bit. I have had many mothers. Som...

Is a treadmill a positive thing?

At the gym, although treadmills tend to make us sweat, we choose to step on to them toward the promise of health. Somehow we associate a treadmill with doing something positive for ourselves. At the gym, we step on and we step off at the time of our choosing. We listen to music. We watch the big screen televisions. We breathe.

Many of us step onto an activity treadmill that we run on throughout our day ~ but it doesn't feel healthy. We forget to breath. We feel overwhelmed. We aren't sure if it is positive or negative. We forget to turn on the music and smile.

What activities are you engaged...

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