Sometimes it is easy to be irritated by others - the way they communicate, their idiosyncrasies, the thing that makes them different from us. It is natural. It is normal. What if we, just for today, we made an effort to recognize the good in others and took the time to appreciate one thing about that other person. We all have something beautiful inside. Be the best you can be by recognizing the good in others. I recognize the Divine in you and wish for you the very best. ~Kathy~

What do we do to ease the passage of time?

Invariably, each of us is caught in a spot when we are in the midst of a difficult time. 

These times call us to learn and grow but what do we do with the passage of time?

We must let it happen. There is no denying the passage of time.

  • Make it as pleasant as possible for yourself.

  • Treat yourself.

  • Find “joy angels” (people who make you laugh).

  • Distract yourself.

Then....ALLOW the learning. ASK for the learning.

Everything happens for a reason – but the learning can be tricky.

Recently, I was involved in a long growth process – I thought it would never end and I fel...

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