If you have a few weeks' laundry piling up, maybe it's because you have made some very good decisions. Did you play a little more today? Spend more time with a friend, your kids or a significant other? Maybe you rested or took a walk. The laundry will be there tomorrow ~ the right decisions usually include people (including taking care of yourself). Enjoy the day! Celebrate yourself! ~Kathy~

Did you ever play that game "Mother May I" as a kid?

I often tell my clients, "Take it one step at a time. One day at a time."

But what if we could fast forward to the dream? What if we could take THREE giant steps forward instead of one baby step?

If we ask for something bigger, sometimes the answer will be yes. But we have to ask. Are you ready to move forward - I mean REALLY move forward?

Just ask for it. ~Kathy~

Wisdom awaits at every turn.

What is calling for you to look at it from a new perspective? Is it a place? A person? An animal?

Where can a new perspective turn things upside down?

Do it consistently - you may even set a goal around seeing with new eyes for the next few days.

Surprise yourself. Surprise the people around you. Enjoy turning it around.

Friends are unique and different in so many ways.

Think about your friends and the ways that you are different from one another.

Isn't it nice that, despite our differences, our friends love and appreciate us for who we are? How lucky to have friends.

Tell them you love them. ~Kathy~

Sometimes we need to raise our eyes to the heavens, ignore the dust and play! Maybe playing is the right decision today. Does everything on your list really need to be done? What can you eliminate? What should you add? Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns titled "Need to Do" and "Want to Do." You should have something in each column every day. Dirt and laundry never go away. What's really important for you today? :) ~Kathy~

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