Motivational Presentations

We inspire groups to action.



We foster growth mindsets. Where most people see obstacles, we see possibilities.


We bring inspiration, encouragement, ideas and motivation to every event. Individuals leave our presentations re-energized, positive and ready to take action. Book a motivational presentation.


Corporate Keynotes


  • Communication 

    • Workplace Drama: Removing Energy from Drama to Increase Productivity

  • Leadership

    • The Language of Leadership

  • Organizational Change

    • Thriving through Organizational Change

  • Purpose/Passion

    • The Power of Why: Finding Purpose, Power and Passion at Work


Nonprofit Presentations
  • Leadership

    • Nonprofit Passion: Harnessing the “Wild Card”

    • 8 Pillars of Volunteer Leadership

    • 7 Mindset Shifts for the Volunteer Leader

  • Volunteers

    • Volunteer Mobilization: Creating the Momentum of Unstuck

    • 10 Secrets to Volunteer Attracting and Retention

    • Building Accountability for the Volunteer Workforce

    • Turning the “Honorary Board” into a “Working Board”

  • Meetings

    • Meetings as Momentum Creating Opportunities

  • Strategic Planning

    • Strategic Planning: Transforming Passion into Purpose

...creating momentum for positive change

...creating momentum for positive change

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