September 2, 2021

We are all in the midst of new beginnings and I'm glad you're here.

So many of you are bringing beauty, courage, patience and kindness to this time. You are engaging in conversations that matter - in your organizations, homes and communities.

Wherever you are today - I hope you find a moment of peace and/or an idea to implement.

Here's this week's newsletter to support your success - it's titled Running without Direction. Each newsletter is unique and highlights a refreshment message for the week/month. It's our Motivational Minute and I hope you enjoy! Subscribe for a burst of refreshment!

You may recall that I rebranded my business as Refreshment Zone after a visit to the Mayo Clinic. The resilience and mutual support I witnessed at the Mayo Clinic continues to inspire me.

So do you. 


We are all here to learn lessons and to share our gifts - I'm here to support you in all of the settings in which you lead - at work, at home, and in your communities.


This space is intended to refresh you from the inside out.


Your transformation is my passion.  Let me know how I can assist you in your new beginning.

We all need a lift - I hope you find it here.


Kathy Sturgis, PhD

CEO & Founder Refreshment Zone

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Kathy Sturgis, PhD

Founder, Refreshment Zone

Organizational & Personal Development Specialist, Communication Doctor

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