Give the Gift of Rose

I once heard a meditation that led me to think through my day ~ remembering every person that I had encountered. For every person I encountered, I was instructed to leave them a rose. As I "walked through" my day, I left a rose for the smiling check out girl and for the grouchy man on the sidewalk. I left a rose for the lady walking her dog and for the stranger that I encountered in the grocery store. I left roses for each person at a meeting I led that day. And I especially left a rose for the person that I was grouchy toward. The rose activity is a wonderful way to put yourself to sleep at night ~ walking through the day and leaving a peaceful thought and a gift with everyone you had encountered throughout the day. On some level, every soul that you give a rose to receives it and is blessed by your positive thoughts of them. What a wonderful way to go to sleep. What a gift you can give to others....  ~Kathy~

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