Pick a Simple Project to Complete


This morning as I was getting ready for work, I saw 10 unfinished projects that need to be completed (one is pictured here - putting the toilet paper on the holder was one that I had been staring at for days).


It may seem simple, but completing a few little tasks got my day off to a great start today!


I put the Q-Tips that were laying all over my sink into the holder.


I put away the Neosporin.


I put away the dishes that were in the sink.


I closed the cabinet doors after I opened them (that one makes my husband feel better).


I even put my socks away!


The little things add up and tackling a few small, high reward "projects" can reinvigorate your day!


What's a task that is staring at you in your office today? At home?


It should be that project that takes a few seconds or a minute to complete.


Test it out and feel the relief wash over you. Do it now. Tackle the unfinished project. You got this. ~Kathy

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