What's Your Theme for 2020?

A few years ago, I started setting a theme for each year. I'm not exactly sure how I backed into this practice, but it has become a signficant - and fun - exercise to integrate into my personal visioning and planning.

As you prepare for a new year and, inevitably, think about what the year holds for you, I'd like to suggest that you adopt a theme that reflects what you want your year to represent.

Let me explain....

A theme is a recurring idea you'd like to invite. It might be thought of as a central idea, subject or issue. As you imagine a theme for yourself, allow it to become a reference or decision point for the year.

The first time I adopted a theme it was "just say 'yes.'" For me it symbolized opening up to new possibilities. That particular year, I made an effort to extend myself, accept invitations, and be more adventurous and fun. Every time I was asked a "yes/no" question, I paused, considered the request and, more often than not, decided to say "yes." This particular practice brought me to many unexpected places. I took a "leap of faith" off of a 40-foot platform at a ropes course, socialized more, laughed more, learned more and made new friends.

Another year, I pledged to only do things that were "fun and/or funny." For me that particular year was about cleaning up relationships and engaging in meaningful work. "Fun or funny" became my decision point for the year and helped me to decide if my answer would be "yes" or "no." As a result, I invited relationships and activities that were healthy, supportive, meaningful and fun. It was also a year that I decided to consciouly shed negative relationships and activities. It was one of the most positive years I can remember.

As you think about your next year, what will be your reference point for decision-making?

  • What would you like to summon in 2020?

  • What do you hope to restore in the new year?

  • What attitude would you like to embody?

  • What promise do you want to make to yourself?

You may find that your theme for the year invites one of the following:

  • Joy, fun and/or laughter

  • Focus and drive

  • Attention to self

  • Time in nature

  • Love of self

  • Life balance

  • Healing relationships

  • Forgiveness (self and others)

  • Other?

As you select a theme for yourself, commit to making it a decision point for 2016. When you are asked a question or are given a choice, think of your theme and let it guide your decision.

So, what is it that you would like to summon to yourself in the new year?

Establish a vision. Set a theme. Write it down. Share it with others. Call it to you. Let it guide you. Doing so will solidify your intention for the year and invite renewed focus throughout the year.

© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact kathy@refreshmentzone.com for more information on motivational programs.

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