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Invite Change

I'll never forget this quote - I got goosebumps when I heard it and I remembered it today as I was talking to a client. We often want change in our lives but stand in the way of it without realizing it. Our stories are filled with, "I'd like this to happen, but...." So, I tell myself (and others) today to take the "but" out of it. To allow things to change, we must tell a new story. If you hear a "but", rewind and try again. If we truly want change, we must take steps we haven't taken before. It can be as simple as making a phone call or researching a new idea. If we truly want something to change, we must open the door and allow new thoughts to enter. Change happens when we do. Step in a new direction - one step at a time - one day at a time. Where would you like to invite a positive change? Pick one area. Take a step in that new direction this week - and one next week - before long you will be three steps ahead. You've got this - let's keep stepping together. ~Kathy~

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