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The Gift in Detours

Sometimes we have to step back to take a step forward. On life's journey, there are unexpected twists and turns - sometimes welcome - sometimes unwelcome - always holding surprises - always holding a lesson to be learned. It might be a private lesson - or a lesson to be shared. Like a gift waiting to be unwrapped, the lessons patiently and playfully wait for us - eventually strengthening us, refreshing us, and making us wiser. If you are like me, you may have lessons waiting to be unwrapped. Be patient and unwrap them one by one in your own time - the lesson will always be there - and it will always make you stronger. It's happening right now whether you try or not. Detours have purpose. We may not always know where the detour is taking us, but stay steady. Keep traveling - keep moving - keep seeking. You will get there - one step at a time - each step taking you forward. Positive lessons are right around the corner. Wishing you health and safety on the journey. ~Kathy~

© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact for more information on motivational programs.


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