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It's All About You

You are a catalyst and a leader. You probably lead in many different settings (at work, at home, and in your community). Creating momentum for positive change is a central responsibility of leaders - and we are here to support you.

It takes energy to lead - and Refreshment Zone is aligned with refreshing you from the inside out with creative programs and resources. 

For us, it is about you. Our Creative Division designs resources to support your success while our Consulting Division contracts with clients in corporate, nonprofit and community settings at the local, national and international levels. Our programs strengthen leaders, relationships, visions and action plans. We infuse our clients with renewed optimism, passion, power and purpose. Read more about our organizational development and/or coaching services.

For a List of Clients, please visit Kathy's page on Linked In.

Core Beliefs

Growth matters: We foster individual and organizational growth.

I'm passionate about individual and organizational growth and work with clients in corporate, nonprofit and community settings. You live and lead in many settings (at work, at home and in your neighborhoods). Refreshment Zone programs, events and motivational resources offer renewed vision, energy and tools to thrive in all of these settings. We address the universal "stuck points" that people encounter while engaged in communication and leadership. 


Results matter: We collaborate to create implementable solutions.

Our clients in corporate, nonprofit and community settings trust our ability to collaborate, listen and find implementable solutions that support their success. They value our ability to help them get from point A to B.  We apply our expertise in organizational development to understand your unique situation and customize solutions. We thrive on strengthening processes and honoring individual voices in many different settings.

Giving back matters: We are committed to service.

I am committed to serving you and giving back to the community. In addition to my work experience, I've served in numerous leadership positions in civic organizations at the local, regional and national levels. I reserve time in my schedule for volunteering, reading my children's book to children and adults, and awarding a few pro bono projects each year. Giving back is important to me.

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