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Build core strength.

You are a catalyst for positive change. When you recognize a moment of dissatisfaction or turbulence in your life, you are poised to initiate change, get life lessons and move forward toward purpose fulfillment. I'm here to lift the weight off of the process and add strength to your results, relationships and processes.

Get unstuck.

The answers are inside of you. My job is to ask the right questions, listen to the important story unfolding and help you articulate the vision, obstacles and next steps that will create forward motion. My coaching process is informed by my communication background, my intuitive lens and 20+ years of experience as a personal and organizational development specialist. Contact me to schedule your individual or team coaching session.

1:1 Coaching

In transition? Feeling stuck? Distracted by a work relationship? Ready to initiate change but not sure where to step? 

Find clarity, restore confidence and reconnect with your inner wisdom - we'll work together to find your next steps.


I specialize in career/life balance, managing transitions, dealing with difficult people and identifying/removing obstacles to success. I also offer skill development coaching in areas like communication, leadership, organizational change and public speaking. My clients are well-functioning, achievement-oriented individuals who typically have renewed confidence after 2-3 sessions. Many love to initiate a quarterly or annual "check-up" to reconnect with their goals and intuitive wisdom. 

Our confidential, goal-oriented coaching sessions create momentum for positive change through supportive and action-oriented coaching sessions.

Whether you are looking to enhance your life, your leadership, your organization or your relationships, you will leave each session with goals and specific next steps to be achieved before we meet again. 


Contact me for more information.

Team Coaching

Is everyone on your leadership team operating from the same playbook? My clients value customized coaching as a catalyst for new beginnings (i.e., identifying group goals, fostering change and building positive momentum.

Our collaboration begin with a "Team Pulse Check" that assesses needs, and takes inventory of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I'll integrate team wisdom to inform curriculum design. I bring my doctorate in communication and background as an organizational and personal development expert, to make recommendations and enhance collective visioning, problem-solving and action planning.

Our team coaching model fosters accountability, supports behavioral change and promotes positive organizational cultures.

When needed, we build in strength assessments and integrate learning modules in areas like leadership roles/functions, communication style, organizational change, giving/receiving feedback, motivating others, problem solving, etc. 


Team coaching is perfect for executive teams, mid-management teams and nonprofit boards. 

Contact me for more information.

From Our Coaching Clients' Perspectives

"I was stuck in my career. Kathy helped me evaluate where I was and articulate where I wanted to be. With her help, I found my next step. She gets right to the heart of the matter and we were able to make progress so quickly. She has a talent for seeing the strengths in others and combines her intuitive sensibility with concrete data. Her skills were valuable and helped me move forward in a positive way." ~Bill~

"Although I had never received any feedback supporting management's conclusion, I was identified as a low performer. Kathy was brought in to help. She immediately facilitated a conversation between us that clarified expectations and supported me in my growth. She also helped me manage expectations upward and communicate better overall. I was doing many of the things management needed me to do - I simply needed to communicate my results in a more effective manner and Kathy helped me learn to do this is a way that supported our organization's goals and revived me personally. I now have positive tools that I can use in all aspects of my life." ~Corporate Coaching Client~

"Looking at her background and experience alone, Kathy Sturgis was an irresistible person to seek out for help when I came to a grinding halt in my career path. Almost instantly, we fell into an effortless partnership as Kathy listened to my despair over feeling stuck and uncertain and transformed my process into one of momentum and clarity. Kathy has a true talent for analyzing a problem by identifying the key words and ideas, and using these to then hone in on the pathway towards a solution. In addition to that, her bright personality and unwavering empathy made me feel completely supported throughout our process. Kathy is a shining beacon of hope for anyone needing a fresh perspective and a strong strategy to move forward with." ~Becky~

"Working with Kathy was life changing. First of all, her energy is contagious and she makes you feel so comfortable. She meets you where you are at. She provides steps to help you see the best in yourself and how to get where you want to be - doing what you are meant to be doing. She provides insight and tools that you can reference long after her coaching sessions end. Kathy has a deep empathy for others and helping them to fulfill their purpose here on earth!" ~Audrey~

"Working with Kathy was a great morale boost for me during a time when I was increasingly frustrated with my job prospects.  It was the spark I needed to reorganize myself and figure out how to get out of the rut I found myself in after graduating from a Master's program and feeling like I had little to show for it.  Kathy's compassion and optimism make every conversation lively and fun.  She also does the important work of reminding you that as long as you keep trying to flap your wings and lift off the ground, you will one day find yourself gliding along or even flying high; but first, you have to just try." ~William~

"Kathy's work with our team was transformative. She offered leadership guidance, helped us communicate better with one another and with those who work for and with us. Each week, she tailored a mini training module that helped us stretch to new heights. Thanks, Kathy." ~University Educator~

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