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Daily Wisdom



Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes when we aren't trying - it's found in a whisper, a song, a butterfly that appears. Tap your own inner wisdom with us. 

Activity: Let Your Wisdom Guide You

Let your inner wisdom be your guide. Here's an activity you can use to reground and refresh yourself.
  1. Ground Yourself.
    • Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths, empty your mind and ask yourself, "What is it that I need to know this week?"
  2. Find Your "Wisdom" Page. 
    • Select a random number between 1-12 to determine which page to visit. (There are 12 "Daily Wisdom" pages - with 10 posters on each page). When you have your number, go to that page.
  3. Find Your Poster.
    • Once you're on your wisdom page for the day/week, select a random number between 1-10. There are 10 posters on each page - let your number guide you to your special poster/message. 
  4. Record + Journal.
    • Write down your message for the week - you might write it on an index card and/or put it in your pocket or wallet. If you like to journal, record your message for the day and write down any additional thoughts you may have.
  5. Download It - Share It.
    • Take screen shot of your poster - keep it displayed to light your way throughout the week.
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