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Connecting with one another and expressing our feelings is good for our health - and also supports the health of those with whom we are connecting. Been thinking of someone? Reach out and tell them. Researchers report that healthy interpersonal support systems mitigate stress and difficult life experiences. (Like now.) Wellness research argues that connecting with others -  talking to one another and expressing our feelings - is healthy and boosts serotonin levels - an important neurotransmitter that, among other things, creates feelings of well being. When we connect with one another, we are boosting our own levels of health and supporting the health of those around us. So make a list of the people you have been wanting to connect with - and reach out. It'll be good for their health. ~Kathy~

Distance from friends and loved ones is certainly one of the greatest challenges during this time. This quote was comforting to me yesterday and I hope it will be for you as well. I am wishing you extended moments of mindlessness, groundedness, peace, joy, humor and laughter in these times of uncertainty. Sending another wish for your health and safety and wishing the same for your loved ones. Stay strong! ~Kathy~

"2020 vision" promises wisdom, clarity, comfort, perspective and knowledge that comes when looking back at something (a.k.a. after we have successfully walked all the way through something that was challenging). Right now, we are walking through an unexpected event that is upending our world, our work and our daily lives. Every time I have encountered a life challenge (e.g., job loss, death of a loved one, illness, etc.), I could not wait for retrospect - and I knew the path from here to there needed to be filled with patience, strength and qualities that I could not name or didn't know I had. My mother would tell me to "seek joy angels" during these times - and in this day, I think that means seeking positive information and things that bring us a moment of joy, laughter and relief. Together we will all get through this and will soon be on the other side of waiting. Wishing you moments of peace, joy, laughter and calm in the storm. ~Kathy~

I hope that you, your families and all you hold dear are safe and well. The off-road moments we are experiencing right now are teaching us lessons we can’t yet imagine. I know that I am learning more about what really matters. I’m noticing things I might have taken for granted before – the birds singing, the tiny inchworm and turtle in the garden, the beautiful yard that’s big enough for a crowd but holds only two. Like you, I miss my family and friends. I miss my routine. I miss my clients. Yet I know that this time is teaching us lessons yet to be imagined. It’s a time to reset, reimagine, reaffirm, refine and reflect. Sometimes, we need to drive forward with confidence and bravery – whether we feel it or not. You are braver and stronger and smarter than you can imagine. Thanks, Christopher Robin. ~Kathy~

This week a little miracle dropped onto our dining room table - an inchworm. I don't think I'd ever seen one - we watched for several minutes as it inched across our table. The next 30 minutes were devoted to creating a habitat for this little miracle - a glass vase where an azalea flower playground awaited our friend. I am kind of hungry for miracles these days - and I am delighted when little things that I used to take for granted present themselves - like the wren who perches himself on our deck rail and sings its heart out every day. My little inchworm taught me not to grab onto miracles too tight but to appreciate for a moment and then keep watching for the next one. I wonder what it will be today? Today, I am wishing you lots of little miracles. I wish that each one will hold your mind in a place gratitude and wonderment that gives you rest throughout the day. Sending light to you and to the little inchworm. Thank you for the miracle of you! ~Kathy~...

Sometimes the good we do isn’t measurable. Or more accurately, we don’t take time to measure it. The word needs positivity and goodness right now. And you are providing the something good we need. Here are some good things you can count today: (1) Number of smiles you’ve been responsible for today; (2) Number of chuckles you’ve generated; (3) Number of hugs you have given; (4) Number of new ideas you’ve put in motion; (5) Number of seeds you’ve planted; (6) Number of relationships you’ve nurtured; (7) Number of times you’ve offered healing or helping words. You are the something good we need. ~Kathy~ Read the Blog

If hindsight is 2020 then this is the year for 2020 vision. What are the life lessons that past experiences have gifted to you? How will these propel you forward? What’s in the future for you? How do you envision the places and people you choose to spend time with? This is the year. Envision it. Make it happen. It's within your power. Expect a year of clarity and wisdom. ~Kathy~

Negative thoughts de-energize us and hold us in “stuck.” Identify negative phrases. Replace them with more hopeful sentiments. Consistently choose positive energizing words - reach for incremental improvement. Write your positive statements down. Read them. Say them out loud. Repeat. There’s science to support it. A feeling of "stuck" can be changed to “sticky” - and within that small change there is room for a new beginning. ~Kathy~

I was leading a recent nonprofit board retreat when one of the board members prompted me to chuckle with this Marine Corps saying: "We have done so much for so long with so little, we could probably do everything with nothing forever." It was offered within the context of a discussion about envisioning, inviting and planning for financial abundance at this particular nonprofit. So many of us function with this frame of reference - in our nonprofits and even in some areas of our lives. There is so much more for us if we can envision what we want, believe it is possible and plan for its inevitability. Wishing you forward motion - from vision to reality....~Kathy~

I wonder....What would the world of work be like if we all communicated like it was the first week of work? Imagine new employees - imagine coworkers. We might listen more - talk less - smile more - try harder. I think the world of work could be a kinder place. I wish we were more careful with one another - like when relationships are new and fresh. It's possible to get back there. Let me know if I can help. ~Kathy~

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Activity: Let Your Wisdom Guide You

Let your inner wisdom be your guide. Here's an activity you can use to reground and refresh yourself.
  1. Ground Yourself.
    • Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths, empty your mind and ask yourself, "What is it that I need to know this week?"
  2. Find Your "Wisdom" Page. 
    • Select a random number between 1-12 to determine which page to visit. (There are 12 "Daily Wisdom" pages - with 10 posters on each page). When you have your number, go to that page.
  3. Find Your Poster.
    • Once you're on your wisdom page for the day/week, select a random number between 1-10. There are 10 posters on each page - let your number guide you to your special poster/message. 
  4. Record + Journal.
    • Write down your message for the week - you might write it on an index card and/or put it in your pocket or wallet. If you like to journal, record your message for the day and write down any additional thoughts you may have.
  5. Download It - Share It.
    • Take screen shot of your poster - keep it displayed to light your way throughout the week.

...creating momentum for positive change

...creating momentum for positive change

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