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On the Other Side of Waiting

"2020 vision" promises wisdom, clarity, comfort, perspective and knowledge that comes when looking back at something (a.k.a. after we have successfully walked all the way through something that was challenging). Right now, we are walking through an unexpected event that is upending our world, our work and our daily lives. Every time I have encountered a life challenge (e.g., job loss, death of a loved one, illness, etc.), I could not wait for retrospect - and I knew the path from here to there needed to be filled with patience, strength and qualities that I could not name or didn't know I had. My mother would tell me to "seek joy angels" during these times - and in this day, I think that means seeking positive information and things that bring us a moment of joy, laughter and relief. Together we will all get through this and will soon be on the other side of waiting. Wishing you moments of peace, joy, laughter and calm in the storm. ~Kathy~

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