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Find Your Miracle

This week a little miracle dropped onto our dining room table - an inchworm. I don't think I'd ever seen one - we watched for several minutes as it inched across our table. The next 30 minutes were devoted to creating a habitat for this little miracle - a glass vase where an azalea flower playground awaited our friend. I am kind of hungry for miracles these days - and I am delighted when little things that I used to take for granted present themselves - like the wren who perches himself on our deck rail and sings its heart out every day. My little inchworm taught me not to grab onto miracles too tight but to appreciate for a moment and then keep watching for the next one. I wonder what it will be today? Today, I am wishing you lots of little miracles. I wish that each one will hold your mind in a place gratitude and wonderment that gives you rest throughout the day. Sending light to you and to the little inchworm. Thank you for the miracle of you! ~Kathy~

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