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Being Brave, Strong and Smart

I hope that you, your families and all you hold dear are safe and well. The off-road moments we are experiencing right now are teaching us lessons we can’t yet imagine. I know that I am learning more about what really matters. I’m noticing things I might have taken for granted before – the birds singing, the tiny inchworm and turtle in the garden, the beautiful yard that’s big enough for a crowd but holds only two. Like you, I miss my family and friends. I miss my routine. I miss my clients. Yet I know that this time is teaching us lessons yet to be imagined. It’s a time to reset, reimagine, reaffirm, refine and reflect. Sometimes, we need to drive forward with confidence and bravery – whether we feel it or not. You are braver and stronger and smarter than you can imagine. Thanks, Christopher Robin. ~Kathy~

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