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Higher Wisdom

Sometimes it is helpful to stop and listen to that quiet inner voice - the voice that whispers encouragement and reinforces positive things we know to be true. Inner wisdom might surprise us in the words of a friend, a song, a breeze or something we read.  What does your inner wisdom say to you? Perhaps you'll find some encouragement here....

Try not to be too hard on yourself today. In fact, be easy on yourself. Don't worry about what you cannot do. Just for today, focus on what you CAN do. When you find it, DO it with all your heart.

Home can be so many places.

For me, it is my childhood home where my mother lived, my first home, my second and third. It is where my children were born and now that they are grown, my heart is with them where they are building their homes. 

Home is where the heart is - and the heart can be many places at once.

Where is your heart?

Where is your home?

Feel the love.

Tell your loved ones this week.

How magical it is to spread positivity in the world. One word, one action can make a huge difference in the life of another person - and then another - and then another. You do it every day - privately, secretly. Thank you. Increase your awareness of this magical power within you. Assess your impact. Recognize it. Celebrate it. Make a new ripple every day. No one else may know about it ~ but it will be felt by many. 

We believe in your gifts, purpose, capabilities and value. 
Our intention is to support your success. To further this intention, our book of meditations and cards of encouragement will be released soon and will be sold on our Shop the Zone page. We hope you will find them uplifting. We hope you will share them with a friend. Find more of our posters on Pinterest. ~Kathy~
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