Personal Development Programs

Reconnect with Your Purpose, Power and Passion
Keynotes & Workshops - Life on the Off-Road

The Off-Road Path to Enlightenment


Purpose Alignment - It Starts with Owning Your Gifts

Inviting Miracles - From Vision to Action

Getting Unstuck - Off-Road Mastery

Spiritual Communication - Tuning In and Turning Up the Volume on Your Intuition

Keynotes & Workshops - Corporate and Nonprofit Audiences

Finding Purpose and Meaning at Work

Strategies for Bringing Your Higher Self to Work

Nonprofit Passion - From Passion to Purpose

The Language of Leadership - Bringing Words and Actions Together

Retreat Experiences

Purpose and Gift Discovery Retreat


Stay Tuned! More on Programs and Upcoming Events Coming Soon! 

...creating momentum for positive change

...creating momentum for positive change

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