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This best-selling children's story was written for my children and for my adult clients who felt they had lost their "spark" and/or sense of purpose. Our spark emerges from our unique gifts and talents - Dance of the Chameleon is designed to help us rediscover, embrace and share those gifts.

What makes us different makes us special - this story shares this message through a playful chameleon who has a special talent for being different.


Utilized in my Gift/Purpose Discovery Retreats, this beloved story is suitable for children of all ages and has been widely used as a graduation gift - we want people we treasure to remember their spark - for a lifetime.


Let Dance of the Chameleon delight and remind you of your own inner spark - it's something we never want to forget. The knowledge will make you smile from the inside out - just like Joey.

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Coming Soon!

This playful collaboration features the vocal talents of my husband, Al Sturgis, who is a musical conductor with a gift for bringing characters to life. This MP3 Album also features the music and playful sounds of Bill Leslie, grammy award-winning musical artist, storyteller and beloved news anchor who has generously contributed his talents to this project.

We hope you enjoy this narrated version of Dance of the Chameleon - it was created with you in mind and we hope the playful and positive energy of this project speaks to you and your family members on a personal level. 

This collection of widely-shared essays features some of my favorite articles from Refreshment Zone - inspired from universal life lessons waiting for us in everyday life. 

A favorite of our Refreshment Zone community and many readers beyond, the chapters are designed to add short bursts of optimism, hope and comfort to your day. 

The essays have been written over the course of the last decade following my trip to the Mayo Clinic with my daughter. One of my favorite articles - Nine Lessons from the Mayo Clinic - has been widely shared as have many of the other writings.

Growth does matter - and it is hidden like a gift in every moment of every day. Let Growth Matters inspire the discovery of your own inner wisdom.

Gifts are waiting to be discovered in every moment. Subscribe to receive first notification when this book comes to print in May 2020.

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