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Step Off the Treadmill

Is a treadmill a positive thing?

At the gym, although treadmills tend to make us sweat, we choose to step on to them toward the promise of health. Somehow we associate a treadmill with doing something positive for ourselves. At the gym, we step on and we step off at the time of our choosing. We listen to music. We watch the big screen televisions. We breathe.

Many of us step onto an activity treadmill that we run on throughout our day ~ but it doesn't feel healthy. We forget to breath. We feel overwhelmed. We aren't sure if it is positive or negative. We forget to turn on the music and smile.

What activities are you engaged in right now that make you feel like you are running on a treadmill? Are you running at a healthy pace? Do you feel energized or drained as a result? It's important to take note ~ and make adjustments where necessary.

Do you need to let something go? If your answer is "no," but you still feel exhausted, read on. Perhaps this will help.

Last week as my treadmill was bubbling over, I took a precious moment to stop and recalibrate. I asked the questions noted above and decided that there was nothing I was going to STOP doing. What I needed was an attitude readjustment.

On those occasions, I have an intelligent conversation with myself.

Intelligent conversations are the ones where everyone has a chance to be heard ~ that includes my wiser self and my other, more predominant out of control side (she's the naysayer, the pessimist, the whiner, the crier). For me, the wise mother inside of me listens carefully to my rantings and ravings and complainings and uncertainties and always knows what to say. I always feel better after I take a moment to have an intelligent conversation with her.

As I complained and ranted in my journal, my wiser self came gently into my mind with such clarity and light that it was hard to ignore.

In her wisdom, my wiser self told me to let something go (a.k.a. going with the flow). Here's what she had to say about overcommitment.

Wiser Self: It's good to be engaged. Everything ebbs and flows. You are not overcommitted. You just need to let some things go.

Me: Like what?

Wiser Self: Worry. Stress. Doubt. Need for perfection.

Me: Ah.

Wiser Self: Get your priorities straight. Lower the ceiling and play. And take care of yourself.

Perhaps you have a private and wise voice within you as well. It is important that you document the words that come to you from your Wiser Self. You will not want to forget the wisdom that comes forth.

Are you on a treadmill right now? What does your higher wisdom reflect to YOU about all that you are doing? You may be doing all right. Just remember to listen ~ and breath.

© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact for more information on motivational programs.

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