8 Things Every Leader Must Do

Whether you are a college leader, nonprofit leader, mom, dad, corporate executive, etc. there are certain basic principles that must be applied in order to get others to follow.

Here are my "Top 8" things every leader must do.

1 - Expect. Tell others what you expect. Don't wait for your expectations to be violated. Express your vision for the way it can be and let others know you have confidence in them.

2 - Recognize. Recognize when others are doing something right. Like other types of feedback, make sure that your recognition is specific and timely. Start with what you observed the other person doing right and then describe the impact of that on the team or organization.

3 - Teach. Offer feedback when others are not meeting your expectations (again, make sure you know and have communicated what those are).

4 - Correct. Address problem behavior. This is the #1 issue I see in families, board rooms and corporations. How we deal with low performers is a teaching moment for the rest of the team.

5 - Control Anger. Don't yell or hit. Remember that, as a leader, everyone around you is learning from your words and actions. Be the leader. Set an example for how you would like for those around you to behave.

6 - Project Confidence. We need for our leaders to have confidence. Project gentle confidence to those around you. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on two feet. Stand tall with shoulders back. Project confidence in your voice.

7 - Foster Positive Energy. As a leader, you have the power to influence the energy in the room. Work (whether it's picking up toys or finishing a project) doesn't need to be hard or unpleasant. Interject some play into the environment with a smile, music, an orange to squeeze, a tennis ball to toss, etc.

8 - Make Time to Lead. Put leadership on the top of your "to do" list. How are you going to motivate the people you lead this week? Leadership takes time, creativity and intention.

Thanks for your positive leadership. It makes work fun. It makes homes exciting. It makes volunteering awesome. Imagine the possibilities. Tell others what you see.

With positive vision as the guide, anything is possible.

© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact kathy@refreshmentzone.com for more information on motivational programs.

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