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Quick Wins

Do you have a project that feels daunting at times? Perhaps it's something that has been weighing on you ~ a house project, a work project, a personal project. I have one of those right now but I took a moment to go outside and got some perspective from an apple tree. I had no agenda other than taking a deep breath and enjoying some nature when it came to me: go for the low hanging fruit. I thought to myself, "That's a good one," but it didn't impact my work day until I got back to my office. I opened a daunting suitcase filled with binders and started going through the things that were at the top (the low hanging fruit). The answers and inspiration I needed were right there waiting for me. The week has flowed from there. Sometimes we need some low hanging fruit to kick start our day. What's your low hanging fruit? Find your quick win. Do it now. ~Kathy~

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