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What I Like About You™: A Gift Discovery Game for All Ages

Download Refreshment Zone's newest game!


Here's what to do:

  1. Click here to access the game: What I Like About You!™

  2. Insert your secret code when prompted.

  3. Download the game.

  4. Play!

Non-Subscribers or Subscribers who have forgotten their access code: Subscribe to receive your secret code to access the game - you'll receive an immediate thank you that includes your secret code!

This is one way we want to thank you for growing with us!

Stay tuned - exciting things are ahead!

What I Like About You!

What I Like About You!™ is a gift discovery game designed for you to play with your family and friends. We love games and we wanted to create a fun way for you to share positive information with your loved ones!

Other people can see what is special about you much more easily than you are able to see it in yourself. This is an opportunity for them to say What I Like About You!™

You see special qualities and abilities that others cannot see in themselves. This is an opportunity for you to say What I Like About You!™

It's simple to play!

It's positive and fun!

It reveals information about your hidden talents and gifts!

It will make you laugh!

It's free to you, your family and friends when you subscribe - thanks for growing with us! What I Like About You!™ includes:

  • 50 Intriguing Question Cards

  • Answer Cards

  • Voting Cards

  • Scoring Sheet

  • Easy-to-follow Instructions

Subscribe. Download. Print. And play....

Coming Soon! Look for the mobile app for this game.

We love creating for you!

© Refreshment Zone - Kathy Sturgis, Kay Jamison, Aleece Spalding and Kim Lowe

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