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The Secret of Daily Manifestation

Manifestation is a daily practice.

While we often reserve manifestation for larger goals, we can utilize it on the little things in our daily lives as well. How do you see your next interaction unfolding today? What do you expect from your trip to the grocery store? What about that important meeting next week? How about your ride home from work?

While we may not be able to control the traffic, we can control our experience of the traffic. And we can choose to impact every event throughout our day with positive thoughts about what we expect to happen (a.k.a., positive self-fulfilling prophecies).

I had an opportunity to practice "daily manifestation" for something very simple this week.

I am leading a retreat for a small nonprofit that is on the brink of new beginnings. Although there was nothing budgeted for a meeting space and we had access to free venues, I envisioned something else for them. I wanted a meeting space that reflected their future vision for themselves and so I began to imagine the perfect retreat space - it was clean and fresh - it had a modern, progressive feel - it had windows with a view of nature - it would be a perfect space to reward this hardworking team while revitalizing them and inspiring fresh thinking. I imagined how invigorated they would feel by this new space. I imagined how surprised and happy they would be - before, during and after their retreat. I also imagined good things happening for the venue that hosted us.

The venue also had to be free.

Based upon my previous research, I knew that a free venue - even for a nonprofit - was a tall order. But I searched anyway - it had to be possible. I believed it was possible. There was certainly no harm in hoping and dreaming on their behalf and so I did.

As I travelled around town and spoke to friends and colleagues, I began to tell them what I sought. I told them about my group and expressed my hopes and dreams for them at their retreat. I described what the meeting space looked like and how it felt.

People started coming forward with ideas.

And, as I travelled around town I sought a place that matched the vision. I enjoyed researching each new option and it did not take me much time. There were some dead ends along the way, but I kept looking - determined to find the right space. The search actually energized me and I discovered some great new venues for future events/retreats I have coming up.

Then one evening, something unexpected happened.

After a dinner meeting with a friend, I followed my instincts and took a detour to visit a new boutique hotel in the area. As I walked through the door, I was met with friendly smiles and a bright, modern atmosphere. I asked if I could see more of the hotel and they were happy to give me a tour.

They showed me some of their newly refurbished, and individually decorated rooms, their meeting and event spaces, massage area, wine room, etc. I was impressed and my delighted feeling increased as the tour progressed. This place was buzzing. It was gorgeous. They weren't hurting for business. I could have told myself that they never would offer us a space. But for some reason, my confidence grew as we talked and I decided to "make the ask."

I described the group I was supporting. I explained their hopes and dreams for the meeting/future and described their positive work in our community. I told my tour guide about my vision for a meeting space that would match my group's positive visions for growth and revitalization. I explained that my group had no budget for venue and asked if there were any free or low-cost spaces in their hotel that we might use.

To my delight, they offered one of their finest meeting rooms for our use. It was brand new with a modern feel. It had state-of-the-art technology. It had a big window with a beautiful view of nature. They asked for no payment. They offered to serve refreshments at no cost and have waived some of the usual rules so that we might bring in some snacks of our own to energize the group. I am confident that they are going to roll out the red carpet for us - I believe that they may even comp our lunch on the day of the event (that is my next manifestation for these hardworking nonprofit leaders).

Honestly, it would have been easier to believe what my past research and common sense told me: that there are no free meeting spaces that matched my criteria. But I chose to believe that it was possible. And it was.

Finding a free meeting space reinforced a time-honored principle of manifestation, life and living: if we seek something and approach it with the right mindset, it can eventually be found.

Here are a few manifestation principles to make manifestation work for you:

  • Mindset. A manifestation mindset requires commitment without feelings of desperation. The needed mindset has confidence, balance and certainty combined with a feeling of anticipation, fun and/or excitement. Instead of "That will never....", we say, "Why not?" When we expect good things to happen, they often do.

  • Reach with Realism. Manifestation is best when grounded in positive reality. We do need to prepare the way and really believe that something is possible - give yourself a reality check and make sure that what you are asking for is within the realm of positive possibility. (For example, if I want to heal people and believe that I need to be a medical doctor but am not willing/able to go to school for it, then I may have to find other ways that I can offer healing.)

  • Know It - Say It. Articulate what it is you are wanting - think about it and then take it one step further. Put it on paper. Say it out loud to others. Express your vision in detail. If you like vision boards, you can create one; you could also do the same thing on a sheet of paper or journal page using a pen, colored pencils or crayons. What do you see? What does it feel like? What is included? Utilize your senses to help you envision it in detail.

  • Persist. Think about your desired manifestation every day. Enjoy the good feeling that comes with imagining your dream. Do something about it each day. You may encounter setbacks along the way; maintain your commitment to continuing in spite of logic or opposition or contrary evidence. Believe.

  • Believe. It feels like magic when a manifestation comes to life. We think to ourselves, "I knew it was possible." If we ever hear ourselves saying, "I knew it would never happen," then we have found the root of the problem. Instead, we can reprogram our manifestation mindset to say, "I tried my best. I experienced contrary evidence but I still believe it is possible."

We can utilize manifestation principles every day - for the smallest of things and/or for larger goals. I'd like to tell you that I practice manifestation every day - I know that I should. I know that I can. I often forget. Sometimes at the end of the day, if something didn't go quite right, I wish that I had envisioned it more carefully at the beginning of the day. I know it would have made a difference.

Right now, I am envisioning that this article reinforces a belief that you already have or that something in it spoke to you and gave you confidence to take control of your day with manifestation. I am seeing great success for you in all that you do. I hope that my simple story inspires you to seek something new.

Let me know if I can help you or your organization articulate your hopes, dreams and visions. Asking questions and collecting this type of data is what I have been trained to do. Adjusting and/or reinforcing mindsets is a subtle and powerful part of the process. I continue to educate myself on methods, strategies, and mindsets to make your dreams a reality. I continue to learn and am honored to serve.

Many people in your life support your success. Give yourself credit for every step taken. And be sure to manifest something powerfully positive for yourself today.

© Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact for more information on strategic planning, coaching and/or motivational programs.

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