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Resist Resistance

I often hear leaders say, "That will never work." This type of certainty is based on data collected in the past. The sentiment can make us feel stuck. Sometimes energy is devoted to what cannot be - instead of what can be. Conclusions based on old data may not be true. What if we imagined a new possibility for our lives? What if we imagined that something just might be possible - if we tried. It is true that we may try and that it will not work, but it is also possible that with the right kind of proactive effort and positive thought, we can promote new beginnings. If you are encountering resistance at your workplace, in your home or within yourself, have hope - possibility thinking plants the seeds of the future. Envision, plan, take action, evaluate, refine, and try again. That is always the process. New beginnings are possible. ~Kathy~

(Contact me if I can assist through 1:1 coaching or facilitated "Conversations of Possibility.")

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