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Work As Play

Sometimes it's helpful to lighten up. In the midst of a busy week, the momentum of a "To Do" list can take on a life of its own. What brings you joy? What's really important to you? We hope you'll find some gentle reminders here - just as we do. Take care of yourself.  When we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to serve others. Thanks for all you do - for so many.

Remember the children's rhyme that says....
Here is the church.
Here is the steeple.
Open the door to see all the people. 
Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from the playground.
Does "opening the door" have meaning for you today?
Are there any doors that seemed to have been shut that you would like to reopen? 
Relationships you would like to heal or rekindle? Opportunities you would like to explore? Perhaps there are people who love and support you that you would like to see?
Open the door!


Where is your peace? Create one moment of it each day. It is the best type of "self"-ishness. Because in taking care of yourself, you have increased your capability to serve, to give, to enjoy and to love. Find a few minutes to reconnect with your paradise - each day. Regenerate yourself and all will benefit.

What can you do for yourself today?

At Refreshment Zone, we believe that work can and should be play. And even when things are a little tense, a little laughter or a smile can help lighten the load. We are here to support your success. We are here to help you support others. To further this intention, our encouragement cards will be released soon and will be available on our Shop the Zone page. We hope you will find them uplifting. We hope you will share them with a friend. Find more of our posters on Pinterest. ~Kathy~

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