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Winter Reset

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Welcome to Refreshment Zone

It is freezing outside and I am looking out my office window at a snowy scene - it's beautiful. I have a blanket on my lap and a cup of hot coffee - I feel very lucky! 


As I look outside I think about how winter is a tricky time - the ground is frozen - the trees are bare - nature appears to be quiet and still. But underneath it all, the earth is storing up energy and preparing for regeneration.


New beginnings are just around the corner. 


January invites us to think about new beginnings - if you haven't thought yet about your dreams for the year, here are some regeneration questions to help: 


  • ​​​​Dare to Dream - What's your "theme" for this year (i.e., what will this year be about for you)? Selecting a theme can be a fun way to capture your dream. This year, my word is "catapult!" I've prepared the way and am ready to fly into new things this year. One of my other favorite themes was the year I committed to "just say 'yes'." That year, I tried new things and said "yes" to every opportunity. What's a word or phrase that captures your dream for the year? 


  • Invite New Beginnings - What #1 area are you hoping to reset this year (relationships, career, personal health, etc.)? How does this relate to your theme? Think about simple things you can initiate to re-energize your daily walk - starting today!


  • Tell a New Story - What words capture your theme? Have fun telling people about the positive things you'll be doing this year to support your dream. Imagine it. Write it. See it. Feel it. Think it. Speak it. Repeat it. Play with it.

  • Realign Thinking - How can you reflect your theme on your calendar? I have the word "catapult" written in colorful letters on my weekly "to do" list. It's a reminder that I want to align my dream with my calendar - it also reminds me to have fun while I do it. What's your theme? How can you integrate this dream on your weekly calendar.

  • Revitalize Yourself - How will you take care of yourself today? This week? This year? It need not take very long - close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths now. Loosen your neck tension. Relax your hands and jaw for a moment. Ahhh....

Have some fun as you anticipate this new year.


New beginnings are just around the corner - and your theme will be a happy reminder that your dreams are in the making. 


I'll be here to help!


This is going to be a great year for you and for me. Stay tuned for new retreat offerings, new motivational materials and the publication of my new book. I can't wait to share the details with you.

It's all inspired by you.

Supporting your success....


Kathy Sturg​​​​​​​is, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, Refreshment Zone

Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D.
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