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Regenerating a Low Power Mode

Today my phone told me it was going into "low power" mode.

I am grateful for the inventors of the program that helps my phone select the most important places to expend energy and make decisions about what to let go.

This is helpful programming for life.

Sometimes it is necessary to stretch our energies out until we can plug ourselves back in. Today is a day like that for me and, like my phone, I am going to have to decide where to expend energy and where to let something go until I can recharge my battery.

If you have ever found yourself needing to switch to low power mode, consider adding energy to your day/week with an item from the “Top 10 Battery Rechargers.”


Top 10 Battery Rechargers

  1. Recharge Yourself with a Pep Talk. Find the positive voice inside your head - the one that speaks positive wisdom about who you are, what you are capable of and what you can do when you set your mind to something. What is it you need to hear today? Say it with passion and intensity. Write your pep talk on a post-it note and put it where you can see it throughout the day.

  2. Refresh Your Goals. You know those big goals you established at the beginning of the month/year? Revisit those goals and write a few smaller goals and steps to ensure that you make incremental progress. Your step may be something as simple as making a phone call, establishing a meeting, taking a walk or eliminating a food group. One step forward is a positive step toward reaching your goal.

  3. Reenergize Yourself with a “Friday Reward.” There is nothing quite as motivating as a reward. If no one is rewarding you at work, at home or in your volunteer position, reward yourself. Motivation starts at home. Make note of your accomplishments and celebrate them. No reward is too small.

  4. Reward Someone Else. There's no better way to increase your energy than doing something nice for another person. Surprise a coworker, friend, volunteer or family member this week with recognition, a treat or a reward of some kind. Rewarding someone else will increase your energy. A simple and specific "thank you" goes a long way.

  5. Revitalize Your Day with Movement. Integrate movement into your body right now while you read. Moving your body literally lights up your energy centers. Pick some simple movements: stretch your arms to the ceiling, stand up for 2 minutes, lean to the side, roll your shoulders/neck to release the stress. Sitting at a desk is not normal. Stretching and moving is.

  6. Regenerate Yourself with Music. Music is a quick fix for a bad mood. Reinvigorate your day with the music that energizes you. Start a meeting with music to set the energy in the room as participants enter. My new favorite is Andy McKee - love his energizing guitar. You'll find his music and some other ideas on our Music and Meditation page. What's your favorite energizing music? Include it in your day.

  7. Rejuvenate with Aromatherapy. Freshen your brain with your sense of smell. Here are some easy ideas. Cut a slice of orange, lemon, lime or cucumber and put it in your water. Do you grow rosemary or lavender in your garden? Cut a few pieces and bring them to your office. (Rosemary energizes, lavender calms). If you aren’t a gardener, you can purchase aromatherapy oils that accomplish the same thing. Orange, lemon and eucalyptus are especially good for adding energy. Rub a little under your nose and/or put it in your palm and breathe it in for a minute.

  8. Boost Your Mood by Breathing. When we are tense, we tend to hold our breath. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathing releases toxins while relieving tension and anxiety. Breathing increases pleasure-inducing neurochemicals in the brain to elevate moods and combat physical pain. I have to remind myself to consciously and deeply breathe several times a day to release the energy ~ why is it so easy to forget something so simple?

  9. Restore Yourself with a Walk and Some Sunshine. Activity literally increases your energy. Walk down the hall. Walk to the mailbox. Walk outside to sit in the sun for 5 minutes. Sunlight boosts your mood and brings inspiration.

  10. Revive Yourself with a Piece of Chocolate. Dark chocolate reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Hallelujah!


Whether you are leading a high-powered meeting, attending a volunteer meeting or folding laundry, vibrant, positive energy is critical to the success of your day. When you refresh yourself, you will be equipped to think new thoughts and you will be able to do more, give more, feel more, love more and enjoy more.

Extend the life of your inner battery. Save energy until you get you to your next big "plug in" opportunity. Power up in simple ways.

I am sending you lots of positive energy for a fresh start - any time of day. ~Kathy~

Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D. is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. For more information on programs and services, contact

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