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Replenish the Source

Energy is like a glass of water. We pour our energy into the world - in our work, in our communities, to our friends, colleagues and loved ones. Sometimes we can pour so much of ourselves out and forget to refill the glass. Your energy is so important to all of us. We need you replenished and refreshed. How do you refill your energy when the glass of water runs dry? Refill yourself with intention this weekend - the world needs you in a refreshed state. It need not take a lot of time - refilling your glass may be as simple as taking a deep breath or a walk in the woods. It might mean doing something fun or taking a few moments to yourself. It can happen in a moment, in a stretch, in a 2-minute pause on your floor, in a whisper, in a song, in a dance. How will you refill your glass of water this weekend? You are equipped with endless supply of love, excellence and positive energy. Quench your energy - replenish the source. I'll work on it too. ~Kathy~

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