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Getting It Done

There is a pile of things at the bottom of my "to do" list. They have been there for almost a month. They are the things that add weight to my mind. And - they wait for me day after day. Although I am getting things done, that pile is looking at me every time I walk into my office. They are actually beginning to scream at me that I am not productive enough. They aren't the most important things; they are the things that are not as fun for me to do (i.e., making that 2-minute phone call, filing, administration and putting things away). For me, they are the hardest things. They will also take me the least amount of time to complete. So, today I determined to DO THE HARDEST THING FIRST. It feels amazing. Getting it ALL done can be challenging. Lighten your load. What's the hardest thing for you to do? Make it a quick win today! ~Kathy~

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