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Getting to Gratitude

Although I know that feeling gratitude is an important wellness practice, I must admit that there are some days in the past year that have challenged me. And each time, I reach for gratitude to fortify me again. If you have ever felt tired or downtrodden, find a moment to make a list of the things that are going right today, this week, this month, this year. Despite hardships, there are many blessings surrounding us. I promise to count my blessings with more intention. I hope that your list will remind you of how important you are to others (you are a blessing). May we, every day, feel the gratitude, optimism and hope that elevates us, fuels us and makes us well. Enjoy this eye-opening video with time-lapse photography by one of my favorites - Louis Schwartzberg. May it to assist in the journey from here to there. ~Kathy~

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