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Light Shall Lift Us

Many of you know that I sing in my husband's choir. This semester, we are singing the piece above ("Light Shall Lift Us") - which was "brought to light" in May 2020 when things were rather uncertain for us all. The message still stands and I hope it uplifts you today.

The beginning may seem a bit dark (in a minor key), but I hope you will stay to the end - and I hope it takes your breath away in all the right ways as it did for me! It is a stirring performance. The text includes the following (in a round that builds in intensity from one voice to many):

"Light shall lift us. Everyone! As sure as there's a sun, light shall lift us. Light shall lift us to a place of everlasting grace. Light shall lift us.

I can only hope that this performance supports your own light. Thank you for sharing your light. It makes a difference. You make a difference!

This musical reference accompanied a recent newsletter (link found here). Enjoy! ~Kathy~


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